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That didn't stop them from replacing the classic 2K (the only ride Walt approved with NO changes when he first rode it) with Ariel's Grotto! BTW Ariel's never there, and when she is, the wait is like 2 hours! It's nuts! I doubt anything would stop them from replacing the attraction closest to me and my family with a meet and greet. They did it before with 2K, another old favorite (not mine personally, but others); and they'll do it again. These new "hours of operation" are just there so they can slowly phase the attraction out. All the Disney fanatics i know are so upset! But, it'll be a more popular area if u put characters there. And, I guess they have to go with the majority and not with the hard core fans' personal feelings. They are still a business.:cry:


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All Disney Fans Get along, except for me and pressler!:)

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