Trip Report Completed: March 5-14, 2020: Our Return to WDW and the "Hips and Elbows People, Hips and Elbows!" edition


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I’ve never seen it, but must admit I don’t usually go to the liquor store and am satisfied with whatever beer, wine or gin I can get in the grocery store down the street. But is it German or Austrian?
I'm not really sure, but I can't get it here in the Netherlands in most places. I have to get it when we're in Germany, which is why I assumed it was German, but it could be Austrian. 🤷‍♀️


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Oh he fries it, and I have learned when he makes meatloaf and looks at me funny and asks "how do you like it" to be very suspicious. He has hidden spam in the meatloaf in the past and one time put potato chips in there!
A lot of people use potato chips as a filler instead of bread crumbs.

I'm a pretty picky eater and when I was growing up, my mom was always trying to hide things in food and she'd get really angry when I could taste it and ask her about, I can totally taste the difference between regular mashed potatos and instant. Or she would try to hide antelope meat in with the ground beef. I'd ask if there was game meat in it, and she'd get really angry and accuse me of going through the trash. She honestly couldn't taste a difference, but it was so glaringly obvious to me.


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I would have bought tickets for him. I was thinking that if I have the AP & the reservation is in my name why wouldn't they allow him but who knows. He actually told me he would be content with not going to the parks & just hanging out at the resort also.

:hilarious::hilarious::hilarious: I actually cringe when I'm making our orders at work & I have to order that stuff!!
That is nice that he would be content just hanging at the resort. Brad would say something similar to me if we were in that situation, but to be honest I wouldn't be as nice to him! I hope it all works out for you. I had a laugh at you cringing and ordering the spam. :)


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I've been really enjoying your trip report :) We're probably not going again til like 2022, so it's fun to live vicariously through everyone else and see all the new stuff we have to look forward to :)


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Hmm, spam in meatloaf and potato chips? That sounds creative., not for sure how I feel about that. I would probably eat it though. Was it good?
It didn't taste like "normal" meatloaf, but the clue with him when he makes any kind of mushy stuff is the "how do you like it" question, which means he's put something in there that I would probably find objectionable! And who doesn't like potato chips?! 🤣
And a side note, I'm lovin following along on your trip report. Needed to get my fix!


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Oh, that's good to know, thanks! I'm not one for sauces for the most part anyway, so I'd just give the mustard sauce a pass.

I thought I had read somewhere that zebra domes were coffee flavored, so I wouldn't have tried them. But I looked it up, and apparently it's amarula, which I have never heard of, but I guess it's a kind of fruity cream liqueur, similar to Baileys, but more sweet and fruity. I might give them a try next time I'm at Disney, but I remember that bread pudding was amazing and I think I may be hard pressed to waste stomach space on an unknown when I could stuff my face with that bread pudding.
Love amarula! It's what they use in the Frozen Brown Elephant drink that you can get at the African Outpost in World Showcase. I actually have a bottle in my liquor cabinet. Lol


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Wednesday March 11, 2020

Continuing on from our Star Wars day! When we were done watching Muppets we checked our phones and YAY! our boarding pass had been called.


We had a fast pass that was going to end soon though for Toy Story Mania so we headed to that first. I won!

Time for Rise of the Resistance! This post and the next will contain pictures so if you are still avoiding spoilers skip ahead.


I like maps, even space maps.

Hey Rey!

This room is still pretty impressive!



Brad took a picture of me in the room, but since the last time he took a blurry pic I did a selfie too.


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Wednesday March 11, 2020

More photos with on ride pictures of Rise of the Resistance. The next post will not contain any pictures of the on-ride experience if you are trying to avoid spoilers.


In the "cell"

Ready to make our escape.


These AT-ATs are still pretty impressive.


We made it back to the base.



This attractions was still highly enjoyable the second time and both of us noticed more details this time. I still liked Mickey's Runaway Railway better but I'm looking forward to another go at Rise someday.


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Wednesday March 11, 2020

One more Rise picture, it's of the exit of the attraction. I like how it blends in, just like a hidden base should. Nice job Imagineers!

The Indiana Jones Stunt show was starting soon and since I love the Indiana Jones movies (well, not Temple of Doom or Crystal Skull) I enjoy this show from time to time. It was a good show but when did they remove the airplane scene?! I must of missed something about that because it wasn't shown today. That is my favorite part of the show. So the show as kind of disappointing.




After Indy our Oga's Cantina snacks weren't cutting it and we still had a decent amount of time before our dessert party so we stopped in at the Brown Derby Lounge for a quick bite. Our server was a bit slow but she was trying to help out two guys at a table near us. They were having issues paying. They weren't from the USA, their accent sounded German, and they were trying to pay with multiple cards but they were being denied I think they hadn't alerted their bank to their travel or something. It was quite a process, one of them finally went to the ATM but they were very worried about their cards. I felt bad for them.

Anyway, I had a good beer.

We shared a tomato mozzarella salad

And the sliders. They were fillet mignon sliders with some onions and blue cheese. We were both worried about the blue cheese but it ended up working. We did miss the old sliders especially the duck confit ones but these were tasty too.

We still had some time to kill before our dessert party so we wandered a bit and ended up at the Frozen Sing along

Yay Hans!


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Wednesday March 10, 2020

It was time for the dessert party! It was our final cap our our epic Star Wars day! I thought the sky looked really cool as we headed to launch bay for the party.

Once we checked in we headed to get our picture with Darth Vader



I guess we didn't take pictures of the food from the dessert party. Sorry! I could only find a picture of the chocolate hazelnut nitro freeze, which was my favorite anyway. I also put some whipped cream on it. Our favorites from the party were this, the meats and cheeses, and the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. We tried a couple more things but mostly just ate those things. I enjoyed a couple beers too.

At one point Brad left to get a picture of him, Chewy, and the light saber. I think I had another or a few more nitros during that time!

Then we headed to the viewing area. We sat on the little ledge in the back. Lots of people had their light sabers.

Group light saber shot!

So of course I had to pull out my "saber" too.



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Wednesday March 11, 2020

After the fireworks show Brad really wanted to get night pictures with his light saber in SWGE, especially in front of the Falcon. The problem, the park was technically closed and we weren't sure we would be allowed to go back there. We decided to give it a go. We weren't allowed to go all the way to the Falcon but we were able to take pictures in the Rise of the Resistance area.




I guess my "saber" had turned Sith!

I don't know why he is making this face but it looks kind of funny!




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Thursday March 12, 2020

Another beautiful day to come today! It was an Epcot day today. B and I had some discussions about how to get to Epcot. Our first destination at Epcot was going to be the Frozen ride. I thought we should wait until the Skyliner started running at 7:30 am and enter via the International Gateway and he thought we should take the bus and enter from the front entrance. He thought it would be the fastest route to Frozen. I decided to give in to his idea and we took the bus and entered from the front entrance. So friends, who had the better idea? Which way would you have entered?



I do love seeing Spaceship Earth, anytime actually but especially in the morning. So coming up is a bit of Spaceship Earth picture overload.




This would have been a better pic with the monorail but I didn't feel like waiting.


Quick picture on our Frozen 5K journey.


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Thursday March 12, 2020

We made it to Norway! We had meandered a bit so we weren't in the front of the pack but we quickly got on the attractions.

Yoo hoo!


My mom used to make me stand in front of this for a picture every time we went. So the tradition continues! My mom was very proud of her Norwegian heritage so Norway was her favorite pavilion.

As you can see it was quite busy at the moment!



Channeling his inner Viking.


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Thursday March 12, 2020

We had decided to move leisurely today so we enjoyed a little down time have going on Frozen and I did a photo shoot around the area.

I can’t remember why I took like picture because I don’t care for this type of candy. I think the name got me and I pictured a sour looking Viking.
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