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Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!


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Smash cake with sprinkle feet 😂😂

Everyone always says how quickly the time flies, and it really does!! If I blink again she'll be in college 😂😂
Oh my goodness, how adorable is A?! :inlove: Can't wait for her reaction when told about the amazing surprise you're preparing for her!
At 12 months she was dressed in frills and bows. Of course she was going to hate princesses.. ;) A non-tomboy in the making.:hilarious:
And pearls, too! So sweet, right? ☺


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Okay, but, that was the ONLY frilly thing she owned!! I put her in a lot boys clothing for her first two years and the girls clothing I did get her was usually toned down or blue!!
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And then about a week before she turned two, her friend had a princess themed birthday party and that was the end
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After that it was alllllll downhill.... Dresses every single day...
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If i could convince her to not wear a dress that day, which was a battle, she HAD to have a tutu...
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And pretty soon we couldn't even go to the farmers market without a gown on
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No wonder A is so witty. She takes after her mom. :) Loved all the pictures and your fun commentary. You could write and draw pictures for your very own book. The perfect title "I Ordered a Tomboy, but Got a Princess Instead.";)


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My girly girl looks back at the pictures before she had a say in her clothes and says, “what am I wearing!? Why would you pick that out? What is wrong with you!?” I was trying to be neutral but she’s unimpressed. It’s been dresses every day since she had an opinion and she turned 10 on 2/2 😂


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I used to be a graphic designer, which is a type of art, and I can tell you that the hardest part of that job was controlling your art to fit someone else's expectations. For me, the art just kinda flows, and it's really hard to control it's direction. So when clients would want something super specific it was really boring, or when they didn't get my vision it was really frustrating. I imagine the same would be true for party planning. I would LOVE to plan parties IF the client had very little say in the end outcome :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: But because that's not realistic, I stick with my own kid's parties.

A may never fully understand the sacrifices I make to bring her to Disney, and that's okay. She's this amazing tiny human and for whatever reason Disney lights her up in a way that only Disney can. So for as long as Disney does that, I'll make whatever sacrifices I have to so she can have great trips and just be carefree and in the moment and engulfed in joy and wonder.

I don't love Disney, but man, A sure does!
I planted Disney into my kids blood at 14 months for my son and 2 months for my DD younger kid. Never looked back and neither have they as young adults. It is in their blood. They were raised Disney as was I. My first trip at 18 months to Disneyland. Hope A continues to love.


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Well..... last night the two friends (C and S) confirmed that they would be joining us for the trip. I don't have their tickets yet to link up and get fastpasses, and I'm not entirely certain I will before we get there because they said "we can figure all that out later" :cry::cry:

But I did call in and get our room upgraded to a Lion King suite. So.... still close to A's favorite pool, but not exactly the theme she wanted. Lots of extra space though. The nice CM on the reservation line found us a discount too, so it *only* cost us $242 more :hilarious::hilarious:

Oh well, Hakuna Matata!

Costly procrastination today with price increases for admission. They could run quick to a Disney Store :in pain:


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I'm actually kinda nervous about this. I normally have eight million great ideas, but the best I can think of is waking her up and asking her "If you could go ANYWHERE in the world right now for your birthday, where would you go??"
The only advice I would give is be careful with this one. We did this with our kid once and they didn't give the answer we expected and all H**l broke loose trying to explain why our (original) plans were a better idea! "But I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese's"! :facepalm:

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