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Trip Report **COMPLETED** A (Love) Bug's Life

Doc Disney

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Finally had a chance to read this report! Naturally I can’t remember all of my comments but I’ll do my best. 😂

1. I want to do Wild Africa Trek sooo bad! It’s definitely on our list.
2. I always crack up at your random pieces of cheese from the lounges.. I’m the same way. The blue gummy bears were a new addition to your usual plate. 😂
3. The love bugs suck.. so much lol. But thankfully they’re gone now and we Floridians can go back to just dealing with the roaches and Palmetto bugs. 😏
4. I think the Move It, Shake It singers are always live now. That or they’re very good at lip syncing. 😂
5. I’ll always love the Beauty and the Beast show because it’s my favorite Disney story. However, I will agree that AK has the best show. 🐒🧡💛

Another great report! Looking forward to your 4th of July trip. We’ll be at Epcot on the 4th and probably MK on the 3rd. Let me know what your plans are and we may bump into each other!
You have to do the Wild Africa Trek!! Its so awesome !
What can I say ... I love cheese :hilarious:
Ew....palmetto bugs - literally can not understand how you deal with them

Thanks for reading ! I will definitely let you now our 4th plans
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