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Columbia harbor house

Mother of 5

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What is everyone's take on Columbia harbor house we have not been overly thrilled with any sit down dinner restaurants I can't say BOG I have not been their. So we were thinking of just doing Columbia harbor house.


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Are you asking only about sit down restaurants at MK?
It's basic fried food - fish, shrimp, chicken nuggets, etc. The cool thing is you can take your food upstairs, sit on a bridge and look out at the people hurrying between Fantasyland and the Haunted Mansion area. One of my go-to's in the MK.

Love to sit on the bridge. Harbor house is our favorite quick service in MK. Lobster roll is great and so are the broccoli slaw and hummus sandwiches.


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They have some soups, salad and chili (vegetarian). I think my favorite item there is the Lighthouse Sandwich (toasted hearty multigrain bread with hummous, tomato, and broccoli slaw), and chips on the side. I'm not vegetarian, but I really like that sandwich for a nice break away from meat or chicken items. I'm not a fan of fried foods, so I've never tried their combination meals. However, if you like salmon, they have it grilled and served with couscous and steamed broccoli. (I'm not sure about the portion size though, as I've never ordered it.)

I think of Columbia Harbour House as more of a lunchtime or lighter dinner destination. And as others have mentioned, it's very nice to be able to take your tray upstairs and get a table by the window.
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We like the food there well enough for what it is and like they have some different options other than burgers and chicken nuggets but we like taking our meals outside to eat...to me it always smells weird inside...can't really explain it just kind of a weird smell I just don't like. For an actual table service venue we like the plaza.


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We visit on every trip, I agree the lighthouse sandwich is delicious. It's always so super clean and we love to go upstairs and sit by the windows and watch the folks go by.


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Clam Chowder and Fried Shrimp with Broccoli. This is a must do every trip, as is sitting upstairs. I would have to say Columbia Harbour House is my favorite place to eat in the Magic Kingdom. Of course clam chowder and fried shrimp are my 2 favorite foods anywhere so it's kind of a no brainer for me, lol.


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Yes only at magic kingdom we thought about leaving the park but that seems like a hassle
If you're looking strictly for sit down at MK, there is Be Our Guest, The Plaza Restaurant, Skipper's Canteen, Tony's, Crystal Palace, Cinderella's Royal Tabe, and Columbia Harbor House.

Just outside of the park you have the Poly, Contemporary and Grand Floridian (all within a monorail ride away) that will open up more options for you. 'Ohana at the Poly and California Grill at the Contemporary are two of my favorites.

If you want to stay in the MK, you still have quite a few options. I know you said you haven't been thrilled with any of the other options, but what restaurants have you eaten at already? Skipper's Canteen just opened and their menu looks pretty good.

Kate Alan

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Ate there for the first time after my KTTK tour this February. I enjoyed it - it was a nice relaxing location and I was surprised by how quiet it was in the restaurant proper (not just our sequestered tour group section) in comparison to other restaurants in MK.


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It is my favorite QS place in MK! I love the Anchors Aweigh tuna sandwich or the fried shrimp platter! The food is so good. We like to sit upstairs where it is nice and quiet.. get a table by the window and just people watch and enjoy our food.


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CHH gets 10 thumbs up from our family of 5! ;) We've eaten their at least once on all 8 of our trips. Have never had a bad meal there, and as most others have already mentioned, upstairs is the place to be...! :)
We ate lunch there a week ago today on our Princess 5K trip and the lower floor was packed. The others got in line for food as they wanted me to head upstairs to "reserve" a table. I got up there and it was ridiculously empty. At the top of the stairs, I chose the section to the right, and there was only one occupied table in the whole section. :confused: ;) :)
And, this was the view of the HM area from our table...! :)


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