Trip Report C'mon Pop Pop!

We got back recently from another quick trip to the world and I thought I would share our adventures with you all!

Back story is my husband Gary who usually has to be dragged to Disney had been saying for a few weeks, "we need to get a Disney trip together."
My response was, where's Gary and what did you do with him?! 🤣

Gary hasn't been feeling too well and our daughter Aleisha decided to bring herself and our oldest grandbaby, Una to where we live, near Pittsburgh to visit. The youngest granddaughter was in the process of sleep training and they didn't want to throw the time change into the mix. I told Aleisha she could explain to Lana when she asks as a teen why she wasn't on the trip!!
Seth our son who lives in Orlando now (see recent TR about his Orlando move if interested), was going to fly up to see all of the family.
I got a crazy idea and asked these 2 what they would think about doing a run to Disney while Aleisha and Una were on the east coast. They live in Sacramento.

They thought it was a great idea and in one weeks time we pulled together a mini trip in the middle of the big one. Seth ended up staying in Orlando to meet us there and to be our chauffeur.

Aleisha and Una flew to Pittsburgh on Wed. the 6th and then we all flew to Orlando on Sat. the 9th. to meet up with Seth. Seth's partner Jake met up with us the next day as he is a CP CM and had to work on the first day. We then flew home Tues. the 12th.

Who all partied:
Gary, Me Cindy, Seth, Jake, Aleisha and Una.

While I have sympathy it annoys me when people complain about the heat in Florida. You kind of know this going in.
BUT, it was freakin hot as the surface of the sun! Who knew a human body could actually melt, Olaf style?!
I say that to explain the red melted look we all have in the pic, at 10 am! This was actually our last day at MK.

Anyway, to continue with the particulars, we stayed for 2 nights club level at the Contemporary and then 1 night at Baylake. We have DVC but I could only get one night using points. Club level was insanely wonderful but I did feel a little ill at the price tag.🤢

Follow along if you want to read about Una dragging Gary all around Disney. C'mon Pop Pop!!🥰


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Before the update - want to say - this has been a joy to read. I know it probably would have been easier, in some ways, to stay home. But hopefully these pictures and memories make it worth every challenge you faced while traveling.
You have the most beautiful family and you can tell how much you love each other. Thanks for sharing with us.
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Absolutely agree with @erstwo. Thanks for sharing, my friend. :inlove:
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To what erstwo and tuvalu said.
Thank you for such a great TR! I knew it would be a fun one!
I agree with everything everyone has already said. You are a wonderful family and you have made such special memories on this vacation. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Thank you all very much for following along. It was a special trip for sure!


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Again, thank you all for following.

A few comments on Disney itself.
The accommodations at the Contemporary lounge level are amazing. The lounge itself was very nice, but I found the staff to be exemplary. They were very professional and efficient, but also very kind and thoughtful. It was expensive but in hind sight I have zero regrets.
I still always enjoy the parks, the transportation and all of the sights, landscaping etc. that is Disney, and that hasn't changed. Do I wish for the days of the 70's and 80's as far as cleanliness, etc.? Yes, but it is still a wonderful place to visit.
Being able to take Una at this age and see her delight in it all was chef's kiss!

Having the family together and cooperating 🤣 was probably the most magical piece for me.

Regarding Gary, it doesn't take a medically trained observer to see he has problems. I don't know if you guys knew he was placed in a clinical trial in February as they said standard treatment was no longer effective. He was enrolled in a clinical trial at Hillman Cancer Center and did well for 6 months. It was an immunotherapy trial which is significant because to date immunotherapy hasn't worked well on colo/rectal cancers. (So huge hope for this cancer moving forward, we know people in the trial that are still stable.) The other thing I want people to be encouraged by is the knowledge that Gary himself has been with us for 9 1/2 years since diagnosis.
His August scans showed an abrupt and marked worsening and treatment was held at that time. He was the one (honest) who wanted a Disney trip and so we made it happen. A week after we came back it was decided that hospice care was most appropriate and so as I type this he is still on hospice. I will update in the chick chat/guy gabbing thread if any thing changes and if you all would like to hear about it.

Thanks again for all of your kind comments, Cindy

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Also sending big hugs to you and your family. I feel we are like a big extended family on this forum, so I am pleased you will be keeping us updated on how Gary is. It’s good to know you have had many good years since the diagnosis. We only had 2& half years with our beloved dad but there are better treatments now.


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Also sending big hugs to you and your family. I feel we are like a big extended family on this forum, so I am pleased you will be keeping us updated on how Gary is. It’s good to know you have had many good years since the diagnosis. We only had 2& half years with our beloved dad but there are better treatments now.
Ty very much and I agree about that family feel. Very interesting when most of us haven't even met.
And I'm very sorry to hear about your father.


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Cindy your trip report was amazing! You are so brave and strong! I am not far if you ever need anything!

That Una is adorable and so strong willed. A definite legacy! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
Not so brave, just have to keep trudging, you know? And yes, we definitely need to get together and drag @riverside out sometime! 🤣


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So so so many hugs to you and your sweet fam.

Thanks for sharing another TR with us and keeping us updated on Gary.

It’s both amazing how much medicine has advanced in recent years and how disheartening it as at times how far it still needs to go. Hoping his time in the trial bought you all some more time and can help future patients too.

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