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Club Disney, the ill-fated playzones of the 90's.


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There’s also another video explaining the history and downfall of Club Disney!

They kinda make it sound like it wasn’t a good experience and compare it to Chuck E. Cheese, but I guess unless you experienced it as a child who loved Disney, people just won’t get it. I don’t feel like it was exactly like Chuck E. Cheese’s at all, which I liked as a kid too, but I absolutely l o v e d my Club Disney experience and it didn’t feel like it was just another children’s playground 🤷‍♀️


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I literally just signed up so I could reply to this form. I am crying right now remembering this place and watching the youtube video of merlin. I remember that entire show. When it was your birthday, you would get special attention for the characters in the show. I had my birthday here as a kid and often visited. I was so incredibly sad once it closed. My mom even still talks about this place. There was nothing else ever made like this magical place. kids of this generation need this place back! I would pay anything to be able to have this back in phoenix. Arizona especially needs anything Disney in the area. I remembered the entire merlin show. Back in the 90s, this was totally state of the art and I remember the computer room almost being like a modern-day ipad now. The games were so interactive and I learned a lot from them.

I remember playing with Minnie and mickey and other characters the whole time that I was there. The employees were amazing. The food was good. My mom loved taking my brother and I there every sat to entertain us. Even my mom said she used to have a blast as an adult. Plus, she could have peace and quiet in the adult section while my brother and I were totally watched over by employees the whole time and we could run free. I remember swinging in the Tarzan treehouse. I vaguely remember the Mulan section having to do with stretches too at some point almost like a karate learning session hahaha with poles that the kids could hold like in the movie. I also vaguely remember doing Disney karaoke and sing-alongs that were a lot of fun. There was a lot of pre-planning involved with the birthday's and as a girl, I remember I got to wear a crown and princess dress. The gift shop was so much fun and great for picking out a prize at the end of the day. The food was even shaped like characters. The entire time from the minute you walked through the door felt like absolute magic and you had constant entertainment. When you checked in at the front desk, gave them your shoes, and got your wristband the employee that opened the gate for you made it so magical like you were entering this magical dreamland. Constant disney music was playing overhead.

As an adult, I wish this place still existed so I could go to work there hahaha!! I know it employed a lot of people in the Phoenix area and everyone there seemed like they loved their jobs and the benefits that it brought them. I think we should do a petition to Disney to bring something like this back! They charge and arm and a leg for their parks clearly they could charge something decent for a place like this.

With modern-day escape rooms and laser tag areas being so popular and profitable... why not? This would do amazing


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I had a princess tea party too at one point with alice in wonderland and the mad hatter. They used to chase you around the tables to move down. It was a blast and really brought the movies to life. As I am watching these videos more memories are starting to resurface in my brain. At one point, they had dress up for kids too. Where you could dress in a princess gown etc.
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