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Disneyland Sydney Resort
Sydney, Australia

Disneyland Sydney

The Harbor/Fantasia Gardens
- Entrance to the park
- The Harbor is themed to early 1900s Sydney in a more romanticized fashion.
- Fantasia Gardens is an enchanted forest that hides the view of the Fantasia Castle (icon of the park) from guest view until the opportune moment.
- WDW Railroad Station

Pacific Wharf
- 1905 San Francisco theme (before the earthquake)
- Tower of Terror
- Museum of the Weird (Mystic Manor themed)
- Chinatown trackless ride
- Lombard Street Wild Mouse Coaster
- Cable Cars
- Alcatraz Island Walk-Through
- George Bluebeard shop
- Austrailian Gangster Saloon
- Canoe boats

- Geyser Mountain
- Western River Expedition
- Tall Tales Mountain
- River Raft Ride
- Frontierland Station
- Timber Peak Saloon

Critter Country
- Splash Mountain
- Country Bear Jamboree
- The Rescuers Down Under
- Banjo-Kazooie
- Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (possibly in Fantasyland)

- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Indiana Jones
- Enchanted Tiki Room Dark Ride
- Moana Show
- Jungle Cruise
- Boat Transportation
- Arabian Coast
- Trader Sam's Style Bar
- Tortuga Tavern

- Storybookland Canals
- Fantasia Castle
- Dumbo attraction
- A Tangled Tale
- Snow White's Scary Adventures
- Peter Pan's Flight
- Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday
- Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
- Beauty and the Beast show and ride
- Pinocchio's Misadventures
- Flight of the Pheonix
- Alice in Wonderland E-ticket
- Casey Jr. Train
- Fantasyland Stage Show
- Fantasyland Daytime/Nighttime show
- Assorted Restaurants/Shops
- Fantasyland Train Station

Villains Land
- Bald Mountain Coaster
- Scar Dark Ride
- Villains Academy
- Villains Show
- Nightmare Before Christmas Hinterlands
- Ursula flat ride
- Assorted Villains
- Dr. Facilier Voodoo Shop

- Spacebase Delta
- Space Mountain
- Big Hero 6 Villains attraction transition
other possible entries include...
- An Adventure in Time
- Treasure Planet
- 20K Under the Sea
- Intracellular
- Tomorrowland Train Station

- Century 22
- it's a small world
- Carousel of Progress
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First up!
One of the main contributors to the first 3 projects in The Creator Games -- with (imo) the best contribution being this fantastic website and narration

I remember that being very time consuming - thankfully in Club 32 there are no due dates or stressful deadlines:p:D


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@FigmentPigments !

One of the best imagineers we have on this forum -- looking to get back in the creative groove after some time off!​


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I'm going to also add in a few people who may be interested in tossing some of their own ideas in and/or at least following along!:)

@kmbmw777 @Pionmycake @S.P.E.W
And I know some of these people like @Magic Feather and some others I tagged are busy with SYWTBAI -- so stick with that if you're pressed for time - but there will always be a spot for you here when.if you're free:bookworm:

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