News City Works Eatery and Pour House coming to Disney Springs in 2019


For those interested...Thursday is a soft opening. No official time as to when they will open the doors. Late afternoon probably but depends. After that should have normal hours.

Walt d

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I think this is a great fit for the West Side. Now they should probably open up a couple of marquee stores down on that end to balance things out and more consistently draw people down there.
Oh” a Sports bar how original! I was hoping for a restaurant called slaters. With nothing but surfing. And the best food ever made. And live wsl on the big big big” screens. Waitresses in bikinis. Some locals in a enclosed glass room showing you how to shape. The best stick. Air brush. And glass. And shape and design your own Fins. Then go to typhoon lagoon for a session.. now” your talking mate. Slaters.. the only place to be. And sorry no wimpy golfers allowed! !!
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