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News City Works Eatery and Pour House coming to Disney Springs in 2019


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Photo update as of Tuesday, November 26, 2019. Not sure this has been posted, but new "gaslight" lamp posts (total of 4) are in place outside the construction fence at City Works in the NBA Experience building. (West Side, Disney Springs) They look just like the ones in the concept art on the fence. According to the concept art, the outdoor seating will extend right up to the lamp posts.


TJ Vazquez

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In the Parks
Any word on the progress? I know it’s behind schedule but would think they would make a push for the holidays to be open.


Wilson King of Prussia
Typical bar menu, not that there is anything wrong with that.
Definitely typical bar food for sure. Their impossible burger is usually what I go with when I go to the one near me. I’m actually meeting an old colleague there for lunch today and will likely get that. Side note, the best impossible burger I’ve had to date was at Nomad Lounge in AK. Excellent sliders.

I’m more curious to see the beer menu for the new location, which isn’t up on the website yet. The CW by me has a limited section on the menu that typically consists of a few really good, small batch local options. Hoping they do the same at the DS location.


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What do you think the chances are that it's open for the end of March? Will have a day in the area at the end of March when I'm in the area briefly and would love to visit.


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Opening date is Feb 6th. Over 70 beers on tap (70-75 depending on rotators) with a significant amount of those being Florida beers. Food is not just traditional bar food as this menu is different than any other city works in the country. Also there will be brunch served on the weekends.

Hopefully they have some strong sours :hungry:

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