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Cirque's La Nouba Closing?


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This is one of those rumors that just makes sense, given the age of the show, and the general
revamping of all things in that area. When I heard about the Toruk show, I figured that was
going to be the replacement--but given the reviews I have read, now I hope not, unless it's
significantly re-tooled. I'm looking forward to Pandora, I like the film Avatar, but when the show
came to town I skipped it based upon what I read, and I LOVE Cirque shows. It just seems
like that show is problematic.

Oh, if they put up a "temporary" tent, you needn't worry, that's what they do with their traveling
shows and the tents themselves are spectacular, so don't let that put anyone off. It's first class.

Well, we shall see. It seems like it's time for a refresh.


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In the Parks
Not happening. I worked there on my CP and I'm very good friends with a lot of people that work there. IF it was closing, I would immediately be notified to come down for the final show..


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could they ever do a show switch?

like swap one of the vegas shows for la nouba?

then both locations get a "new" show

Not without gutting the theatre 1st. The stage setup was build specifically for La Nouba and if they were to bring in a whole new show they'd have to re-build the stage & backstage.

Edit - guess I should read the whole thread before chiming in about gutting the theatre.
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I also heard this last week, apparently the building is in complete disarray that Disney is mulling over whether to tear it down or to fix it up, also to the contracts are ongoing and I believe building costs are apart of it same as the issue of the Disney quest building and the nba. Also I'm hearing that house of blues might go through some changes with Disney stating it doesn't fit the overall theme of the springs. The restaurant could stay but the concert venue. Wolf gangs puck will be going through a name change as since he doesn't own it anymore he lost that with the divorce from his wife. So expect major changes on the west side the next couple of years.


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I posted this in another thread, but thought it was appropriate here.
For what it's worth, I saw La Nouba on Saturday night for the first time (really enjoyed it by the way!) and received a survey in my email today about the show. It asked a lot of questions about my expectations, and then if my experiences lived up to my expectations. It went into detail about how I enjoyed some of the technical elements - sort of like the ROL survey that was posted on the WDWMAGIC home page today (lighting, sound, projection, costumes) and asked about the performances, such as which ones I liked and disliked. It was a pretty thorough survey, and even asked if Cirque du Soleil could send me an email with a more specific survey. Not sure if Disney is just looking for feedback on the show, or if they are in the early phases of making a change, or both.

Also, despite the fact that Disney Springs was fairly crowded, the 9:00 show only played to maybe 1/4 to 1/3 capacity of the theater - it looked like there were many empty seats in all sections. I wonder if every show is like that, and if so, if they're making enough profit to cover the show's expenses.


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I saw Toruk and it was really horrible, unbelieveable bad. I can't imagine they would bring that to DS. I wish they would change the whole theater over to Disney broadway shows.
Difference of Opinion

Toruk was awesome!

Different than the other shows, but someone should have been able to figure that out before buying tickets

definitely not a contender for a La nouba replacement at all though as it uses a much much bigger stage area


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I can't speak for others but I saw Cirque at DS, loved it...but with so much going on in Florida, it's very much a once and done kinda thing. Maybe every other trip I'd consider it.

I feel the same about Blue Man Group too...it was awesome, but we'll spend an evening doing something else instead this trip.

Refreshing can only bring in more crowds. For the record Universal are surveying about the interest in a Wicked theatre production on either citywalk/presumably whatever else they're planning.
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Well I will hate to see it go. I have seen the show 7 times over the years and it is probably my favorite show out of the 11 Cirque shows I have seen. I love the music and the finale to the show is one of my favorites. Gonna miss it if it leaves.


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we saw it a few years ago for the first time. will have to make a point of seeing it again this october.
as the saying goes...all good things come to an end


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Has anyone here seen Luzia?
And if Le Grand Chapiteau comes to Disney Springs in the interim before a new permanent show, does anyone have a preferred choice?

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