Cirque's La Nouba Closing?


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Very interest perspectives on CRYSTAL as I personally thought it was one of the worst Cirque shows I've seen (9 before Crystal). I found myself, for the first time ever, bored throughout most of it especially during act one. The second half was slightly redeeming but not by much. I kept waiting for a "WOW" moment that never happened. I think I was just spoiled because the previous two shows I'd seen KURIOS and VOLTA, (with the latter being the greatest they've ever made) left me with sky-high expectations. Crystal is coming back to Central Florida (Tampa) in December, so I may drive over and give it a second chance..second viewings are always a tradition for me if I have the chance, time, and money. Lol.
Where did you sit? I feel like arena shows (especially the ice show) need to be experienced up close to fully comprehend the intricacy to what they're doing....mostly on ice skates! I guess I really got excited about the violin player (OMG so good), the technical aspect of the show like projection tracking on really fast-moving skaters, and the acts themselves.

I'm also wondering if some acts weren't in the show you saw. When I first saw the show in Orlando, 1.5 acts were pulled. The most critical being the red straps act. The chair act also wasn't fully functional, so he only stacked them like 1/4 of the way he normally does. I saw it a couple weeks later in Raleigh and they were all in and stunning.

The girl flipping around on the trapeze wasn't a wow for you? Or the finale of hand to hand on the trapeze where they were just throwing that girl around like she was paper...and straight down to the ice?

Man, after reliving it in my head I want to go see it again....RIGHT NOW!!!! :D

PS: It's coming to Tampa as well as Miami in December? Yay! I can see it multiple times, then! ha ha ha!

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