Cinderella Royal Table breakfast cutbacks/changes


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1)anyone here experience breakfast at the Royal Table recently?? just wondering about the characters or lacktheresof....... are multiple princesses still making their rounds and stopping at each table? Or are we talking one single Cinderela standing in the large room doing a story, song and dance and then cutting out without any one- on- one interaction??

2) is the food unlimited and served family style or are we talking dropping terribly limited individual a la carte French style plates of breakfast items at the table like what a I HOP might do????

I secured reservations but I'm not sure if I will cancel or not. it's that for around $70 per person **for breakfast** I expect some one-on-one encounters and a full stomach come credit card payment time.


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Currently Cinderella in the lobby (but at least you get photos with her). No characters in the dining room.

Food is plated and served individually.

And you will only have a full stomach at payment time if you are eating when you make the reservation. Full payment required up front.


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I haven't been but just watched a review from a couple who visited recently. I'm not sure if links are allowed... their YouTube channel is called WorthMelting4. I always find videos helpful to see the food, atmosphere etc. They include a bit of their interaction with Cinderella so you can get a feel for what that's like as well. They really enjoyed the breakfast. I think they said the breakfast is closer to $40 and lunch and dinner are $60 or 70pp.

Not in the Magic Kingdom and no princesses but if you're looking for both character interaction as well as a lot of very good food, I'd recommend breakfast at Topolino's. They allow you to order more than one entree at breakfast for the fixed price, which is great.


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It’s been individually plated entrées for 10 years or so hasn’t it? Don’t think they ever really did family style for the main course at CRT?

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I was able to dine twice last year for breakfast, and enjoyed the food and atmosphere.
At that time, it had just reopened after the Covid shutdown and had several changes which appealed to me so i booked it twice.

No personal character interactions up close, but Cinderella would arrive periodically in the main dining area to wave from a distance.
Food was good.
I was not given any of the 'giveaway' items such as the Wishing Star or swords / wands.
However, when I dined a few days later with a friend we were both given Stars and offered a sword / wand.

So your mileage may vary.
As noted above, Cinderella now greets guests in the waiting area as she had done before for pre-meal photos.
Other changes may be present now compared to what my experience was like.


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