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Cinderella Castle Replica - Paint It? - (3D Printed) Added Stage

Bob Johnston

Original Poster
We've all got different talents. I can draw in 3d, but nowhere near the level as you've done here. My 3d printer is also a piece of crap :)
The 3d printer I am using is a very cheap low budget printer. Just fine tuned. One would label it the worst piece of crap you can buy compared to today's 3D printers.

Bob Johnston

Original Poster
HI ALL!!!!

For those that have been following this build, things got a little out of hand. As you can see, the castle is now twice as big.

I added a the full stage "to scale" of course, but it ended up being MUCH bigger than expected. Had a "Beast" of a time printing it.

Also, added a couple pillars and projected "Once Upon a Time" and "Happily Ever After" on it. Looks amazing. I did record this for youtube but after looking at it, the camera was a little out of focus. Will record again and share. I will also share the total print time for the stage build and update you later. The stage ended up being an additional 10 parts.

What is left? Well there are 2 wider pillars that you see in the pics provided. Those are just placeholders as I designed the full restrooms that are attached to those pillars. I will print the restrooms and update you after. Then it is on to post print work. Sand, Fill, Paint....

Let me know what ya think.