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Chicken Caesar Salad

Yellow Shoes

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As the trip gets nearer, I have moved into The Obsessive Zone.

I'm checking menus and planning my meals.

From the comfort of my home, I am looking at alternatives to the burger/chicken strips rut. I also have the best intentions of eating something green from time to time.

Several counter service places offer either chicken caesar salad or a caesar wrap.

What's the verdict on these?
Does one place do it better than the others?



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They're pretty much all the same. Just like the burgers, chicken strips, and pizza.


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Had a Chicken Caesar Salad at Cosmic Ray's in March and it was good. It had a little too much cheese for me, but they put it on as its made so you can ask for less. I love chicken caesar wraps also, but didn't have any there.


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My wife and I ALWAYS get one of the Chicken Caesar salads from Cosmic Ray's. It is huge and very tasty.

I can't speak for other places that offer the salad or the wraps, though...


My mom got one at Kona, with dressing on the side (since the Ceaser dressing is loaded with calories - you might as well have a burger otherwise!)



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They have a pretty good Chicken wrap at Pecos Bills and the Caeser salad at Cosmic Rays is really good also..:)


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I had the Chicken Caesar salad at Cosimic Rays and it's good, you can dispense the dressing as you'd like. But the best place to get it is from the eatery in The Land. It is so good. And I think it may be the fresh lettuce right from the greenhouses. If it's a lie, I don't care. It was still fantastic!


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Last January I think I had the Chicken Caesar Salad on about 8 seperate occasions and I chan honestly say that it tasted pretty much the same from anywhere (although in my mind it tastes slightly better at the Sci-Fi but thats just because I like th place).

One thing I will say though is that I was totally sick of the stuff by the end of my trip. I don't eat alot anyway, especially not when I'm trying to get on as many rides as possible, and the portions you have in the US are huge compared to those in the UK. 14 days of rich, restaurant prepared food is too much for me so I tried to eat as healthy as possible, hence the salads, but there aren't loads of options.


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Believe it or not the best Caesar Salad I have ever had at WDW is served at Beaches and Cream! It is available with or without chicken. I can't imagine it is more than just bagged lettuce and bottled dressing, but it sure is good!


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Another vote for Cosmic Ray's :slurp:

My sister had a chicken ceasar wrap from Earl of Sandwich last trip which was also really good.
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