Changes at ABC Commissary


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Hmm that is interesting. Sounds good I guess. Whatever they do, I hope they don't change or remove the Asian Salad with Chicken. By far the best quick service chicken and salad I've had on property.


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That Express Order app at Backlot Express test didn't do so well eh? Well, let's use the same concept...HOWEVER....We don't use our smartphone app and order at the counter to get our food and have a CM Bring it to us...

For anyone who doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about...!.htm

I remember that! It launched about 2 days after we left WDW and I was so excited to try it out the next year! But... it failed and was gone lol!


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A 'Under New Management' sign would be better. Saw the pic in the main page article. Haven't been in there in years, but it looks nice in there. If the kitchen is capable of producing good food, then it should...

This has potential to be positive... (then again, if they shoot for the same 'quality' level)...

Take the food from Cosmic Rays or The Electric Umbrella......And have it sit out for two and a half hours....That's the ABC Commissary...

Brian Swan

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I have to say that the one meal that I ate there, many years ago, was the single worst meal I have ever had at either WDW or DLR. I've never gone back. With a new menu, I might consider it...


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If the food is brought to your table, then why would you need a pager? Or is it a directional puck like BoG uses?

Because how would they know where you are sitting?

I think what you'll see here is a Panera-like experience... not a 'hostess will seat you now..' situation

Pager is a poor term here.. it would be more like the BoG rose.


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I dunno how this came about but back then when I was a CM, Cosmic's CM's tend to "bully" Comissary CM's. You would think that a Cosmic CM's natural rivalry would be Plaza Pavillion, or if you wanna keep it in MK but not in TL, Pecos or Pinocchio. But no, Comissary it is. I still don't know how that became possible since its not like we shared the same theme park, or bus or locker room, but somehow there was a rivalry. Guess it's the food.

I recall one incident where it became physical. There was a Cosmic's only party at this dude's house, near Shaq's house, and somehow some Comissary CM's crashed it. There was an all out brawl that ensued.


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Pager is a poor term here.. it would be more like the BoG rose.

They missed a good opportunity to call it the ABC Dot...

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