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CBR. How disappointing.


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Look at this nonsense:

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Slimy mold in my ice bucket. There was also some splatter/spill residue, from who knows how long, on the A/C that was never wiped down during the duration of my stay.

I've stayed at $10 Central American hostels with more attention to detail.

I'm angry at myself for not addressing the issue. All I did was leave the bucket outside.

WOW now I have heard people complain about silly stuff (though some with good reason) but this deserves a complaint via email to guest services. Too bad you did not do it at the resort. At CBR prices I expect everything to be spotless - clearly the housekeeper(s) for that area are not doing a thorough job. And it begs the question - why hasnt it been cleaned then discarded by the maid? Ironically I stated at super 8 over the weekend ($45 a night) and the room was spotless.


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So a CM called me earlier in the day and left a voice mail. Prompt response. I just got off the phone with her. She was very apologetic. And that's that.

That sounds about right. They have more leverage to do nothing when you email them. You should have immediately contacted the front desk during your stay.


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Sadly, this can happen at any resort. We checked into Beach Club on Club Level and the room was very dirty. The toilet had some kind of skid marks in it and my wife ran her finger across the bathroom sink and it was covered in dirt and filth. She walked to the front desk and showed them her finger and they said they would send someone to clean it. We left the room and went to EPCOT. When we returned the sink was clean but the toilet hadnt been touched and somehow the floor was more dirty. My wife was livid (she rarely gets that upset) and marched right downstairs to the front desk (club level concierge was closed) and gave them some lip. i waited in the room because I was exhausted and she tends to get better results than I. She returned and told me they had refunded a full night and credited our account one hundred dollars to have a meal or buy a souvenir for our troubles. When we returned the next afternoon the room was so clean you could eat off the bathroom floor. (we didnt though)


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I'm so sorry that happened, and that is totally disgusting! It happens everywhere, though I agree w/ @wdisney9000 . I was just at Yacht Club and there was all kinds of mold inside our closet.

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