Carousel of Progress exterior refurbishment


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Photo update as of Friday, September 30. In addition to the new signage photos posted above, the new signage is also posted outside of the theatre doors.



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Was there last week and loved the new paint! Even DH thought it was a big improvement. The 'new' rocks and CoP paint really make the rest of the area look shabby, though. Let's hope they ordered more for the other buildings. (And, the sign in the opening room is still crooked. :grumpy:)

As for loading, it was through the far left door only, and there were nice crowds mos times we rode it.


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This picture from Splitsville proves my point that the Kaleidoscopic Screens can be easily re-created:
you can get those kaleidoscopic screens at art supply stores, they're aren't real fashionable these days but they never went away

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