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It was a beautiful building, seeems like it could have been used as an event space that they always seem so keen on creating... It could have been the Wedding Chapel/ Event Center for EPCOT Resorts...


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Photo update as of Friday, November 16, 2018. Christmas decorations in the newly opened Caribbean Beach Resort lobby and surrounds.







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Here now.

Pros: Banana Cabana is very well done. I actually liked the smallness of the old one, but this new version is very nice.

Cons: Everything else. The OPR makeover says nothing about the Caribbean. Bland, sterile. The former OPR, while no doubt not full-on Caribbean either, at least had a theme. You could sit in the food court and people watch from the gift shop to the concierge desk to the markets. Now? Can't see more than 20' in any direction, unless you sit right opposite the pick up windows. Food selection is terrible for people who just want 'normal' food. And what is served is cold. My wife ordered a grilled cheese. The cheese was so coagulated as to make it inedible. The old bounty platter was never piping hot, but at least it was warmer than the room temperature this morning's American Breakfast was.

The Sebastian's/BC building is nice, but it totally takes away from what was a nice courtyard outside OPR. You could walk into the plaza from any direction and had great views of the architecture. Now - no view, and coming from Martinique you have the service entrance. Bland bland bland.

Speaking of views, my wife captured a beautiful picture of sunset over Barefoot Bay towards Aruba. The Skyliner towers were captured beautifully in silhouette. My gawd are they hideous. Strike that, hideous for where they are positioned. TBH, I thought that they would be in the parking lot of Aruba and Jamaica and probably not too bad. Nope. There is one right where there used to be a bench bay-side outside the entrance to the Aruba pool, and another right at the bottom of the bridge in between Aruba and Jamaica.

While on the subject of views, Riviera completely loses the old charm of the place, and not just because it is still under construction. The old village layout really gave you a feel like you were inside a nice resort, separate from the outside world. Now? This monstrosity of a DVC tower, and (at least for now), you can see the traffic from Victory Way.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed. FWIW, will be sending the GM an email (received a welcome letter that included her email) providing the feedback. We've been staying here since 2004, except for last year when we chose POR during construction. Looks like we will be heading back to the bayou next year.


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Hopefully we get the roadway to encircle the lake again, and therefore both Resorts. Busing at CBR is a pain now with the uturns and dead ends.


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Just an update on this project. I know many had complained that the fans in the lobby seen in the original concept art were “cut” from the final project. The fans have finally been installed and are now operational.
I just checked out. Thought I’d help!

Edit: I guess the pictures didn’t want to upload via my phone. I’ll repost them later from my laptop
Edit2: Pics


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I just checked out. Thought I’d help!

Edit: I guess the pictures didn’t want to upload via my phone. I’ll repost them later from my laptop
Edit2: Pics
Thanks for the photos!! I think the fans look great!

Are these the ones that used to be in the food court? They look like it.

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