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Canada Pavilion Rant


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Man...I always show up at EPCOT hoping that it's changed. And I always leave disappointed. Canada is the biggest waste of a Pavilion in EPCOT (unless you want to count the Africa area in between Norway and China - which I don't).

I say this out of respect. I love Canada. Heck, my wife is from Toronto. And even she has no interest in stopping in the Pavilion.

You've got Martin Short, a popcorn cart, an o.k. steakhouse, and an entire pavilion based on British Columbia, along with rotating acts on a stage that don't seem to last (I did like "Off Kilter"....the Lumberjacks...not so much). That's Canada at EPCOT.

You're freaking Canada. How about some poutine? Maybe some smoked meat? Canadian cronuts?...Montreal bagels? a Tim Horton cart (yeah, I'm sure Starbucks would love that.....probably in their contract). How about some representation from Ontario and/or Quebec.

You'd think maybe, just maybe during a F&W or F&G they'd try to mix it up. Bring in some of the good stuff.....but no....It's still the Cheese Soup and Fillet. The Canada Booth during the festivals is just a big advert for LeCellier......like it has been forever.

It's almost to the point where routinely I find myself starting my World Showcase journey in Mexico and when I get to the red phone booths in the UK we turn around and walk back.

Chef Mickey

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Add Imagination, Wonders of Life, Energy, pretty much every other country in WS, and half of DHS.

Unfortunately, this is standard operating prodcedure with the Iger administration.

Your Canada issues are way down the list, unfortunately.


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I really don't care for Epcot I always see people list it as their favourite park but I always wonder how? May have been a great park in the 90s but not anymore. When I visit I most look forward to visiting the Mitsukoshi store in Japan and that's about it. I'm really hoping it will be hugely improved over the next few years. If Canada was given a rapid ride as well as every other country getting actual attractions then it would be an immediate improvement. France is getting a ride as is the UK supposedly so hopefully my wish is coming true. Just need that Mount Fuji coaster announcement..


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It's almost to the point where routinely I find myself starting my World Showcase journey in Mexico and when I get to the red phone booths in the UK we turn around and walk back.
That's been the case for my wife and I for at least the past two years. Heck, even when we enter via the IG, we hit up England, then turn around and start heading back towards France.

At least Canada is getting an expansion like Choza Tequil.... oh, wait.


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They could always bulldoze the gardens and put an actual Tim Hortons there.
That is a great idea. As a Canadian, I have never found any coffee in Florida that tastes anything like my Timmies large triple-triple. The closest I've came to eating/drinking something at the Canada pavilion that made me feel at home was a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar. And, I'd like to point out to everyone who visits the Canada pavilion-our country isn't all rocks, mountains, totem poles and chateaus. In fact, where I live looks identical to most of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, etc. I realize that all countries in the WS show at least some stereotypical facets of that country's culture, but the Canada pavilion seems to be the worst.


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Didn't even realize those buildings used to be shops. I like the area by the waterfall up there, but something does seem to be missing. I really liked the original Canada film, and remnants of it remain in the Martin Short version. But it feels strangely put together now. And Le Cellier once was a top-shelf restaurant. It was a victim of the Disney Dining Plan and its own popularity.


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I think the Canada pavillion looks wonderfull - then I enter it and am sorely disappointed. It has so much potential to be a beautiful experience, and just leaves you flat. Granted my experience of Canada is limited - While I have probaly spent, sum total over the course of my life, close to a year in Canada - almost all of it was just outside of Coaticook in southeast Quebec, but even with that experience I know there is a lot more that could be done with the pavillion.



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I agree about bringing back BeaverTails. I remember going to Epcot one day, walking the parking lot instead of the tram, and promising myself a BeaverTail for a reward. But the stand was gone! Arrggh, I was so disappointed! I would agree the shops need to be reopened. I do love the gardens and exploring the waterfalls and "mountains" in back. Wouldn't change those. I liked both 360 degree films. I love the music loop, too.."Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and "Peaceful"...


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I read something a while back about an elevated look out spot above the mountain range. I think there was said to be a path with stairs to the right of the theater exit (or the left of you're exiting). Anyone know about this?
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