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California Adventure vs Epcot

Better park?

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As they stand today, better park?
Disney California Adventure - Wikipedia
Disney Unveils New Epcot Entrance Fountain


Little Green Men

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TODAY? California adventure for sure.

If we went back even only a few years ago it’d be Epcot. But I’m not voting for Wallcot with it’s broken attractions.
You’re voting for pixar pier, a half assed marvel land, and Hollywood land which has been a disaster since day 1. They have carsland and buena vista street Atleast.


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Oh absolutely EPCOT. I enjoy Disney California Adventure and it's not a bad park, but I wouldn't make a trip out there and not visit Disneyland in the same day. I happily visit EPCOT without park hopping.

I think a better comparison is DCA vs DHS (DCA would win.)


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I voted for California Adventure, because Epcot languished for far too long. All the upcoming attractions are a needed course correction, but we're not there yet. California Adventure has, at least, moved forward and improved from a pretty low beginning. I don't love the rather cheap, Chapek-esque Pixar Pier overlay, but at least they tried something new. And although I don't like Marvel stuff at all, Mission Breakout won me over to at least enjoying the IP content in a theme park setting, so I'm looking forward to see what they've come up with for the Marvel Campus.

Maybe if I could still tolerate alcohol, though, Epcot would have won for Drink Around the World alone. And Epcot from its best era would easily beat California Adventure from any era, but we clearly are not now in Epcot's salad days.
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Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
You’re voting for pixar pier, a half assed marvel land, and Hollywood land which has been a disaster since day 1. They have carsland and buena vista street Atleast.
And you’re voting for dilapidated dark rides, a few travelogue films, taco lake, construction walls, unopened attractions, and a total lack of shade during summer months. Lol.


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Shocked DCA is even on the table here. I know Epcot is in a state of flux at the moment and FW is walled over during construction, but WSC alone rivals any themed areas DCA has to offer. Epcot is also on the road to recovery so to speak (with new attractions and a refreshed FW coming, plus the new naming convention of World Celebration, World Discovery, etc. which is a small touch but will make everything feel much more thematically cohesive) whereas DCA's theming will become even more confused and piecemeal with the addition of Avengers Campus. I know we're comparing the parks as they are today, but I still think it's worth pointing out that Epcot is headed in the right direction while Disney seems to have no intention of fixing DCA's flaws & is actually doubling down on the messy theming with AC.

There are some nice individual areas (Cars Land, Buena Vista St., and Pixar Pier is nice to look at even if the Pixar reskin makes no sense whatsoever to me) but it makes for a very mediocre whole IMO. Mission Breakout is a cool addition and I don't mind the retheme of DCA's HTH but it looks bizarre at the end of Hollywood Land. That area in general is atrocious, especially the tacky cloud mural. Atmosphere is more important to me personally, and Epcot just does it better, by a mile.

DCA does have RSR and Mission Breakout, two flashier/more recent additions. But the overall roster at Epcot is still solid, a mix of newer rides (Test Track, Soarin', Frozen Ever After) and nostalgic favorites like SE, LWTL, etc. so I don't think its ride roster is as weak in comparison to DCA as some of you are suggesting.

Wallcot doesn't bother me, it's nice to know new things are finally coming.


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I liked DCA after the redo with Cars land, Pleasure Pier, Bugs land and Grizzly River Run/wilderness area. It's possible that the Marvel redo will be ultimately better than Bugs land, but I despise the Pixar redo.

Epcot still has World Showcase (and I'm not docking points for losing their international staff) even though there's a mess in the lake; and SSE and LwtL are still classic Epcot. Mostly I'm giving Epcot the win for atmosphere and its legacy


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I voted Epcot. I remember being in DCA, riding Soarin', and for a moment wishing I could exit at the end and head over to the World Showcase. I realize current Epcot is a work in progress, but DCA just feels so uninspired.

Dog Ate Mouse

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EPCOT, A lot of things are being done and trying to fix up the park, EPCOT is just not all about rides but an Eating adventure and culture adventure rolled in one. Seen and learned a lot about other countries that I never have or maybe not visit, speaking to the folks that are from these countries are a blast. When you listen and open your eye you realize we are different and come from different places in this world, the the big take away is you realize that were all human and all trying to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.


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The few advantages of DCA is the year round weather. Someone asked former DLR President Michael Colglazier who came from WDW the major difference between both coasts and he replied he doesn't sweat as much at DLR.


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The World Showcase is still one of my favorite places in Disney so I will still say EPCOT. As long as WS is intact it will likely be my second favorite park behind MK.

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