Cabins at FW sales thread


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I don't think you will find one for that price now just looked $1000 and up --you are correct pass the cost on to buyers
Just looked at Comet, one of the UK’s main stores for white goods. £380 for a medium load machine. But I know they’re more popular over here than in the US.


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They definitely have more of a Mid-Century Modern flair to them than that of a wilderness cabin. Even the color palette in the posted pic doesn’t suggest wilderness, to me anyway.
Also, even a stacked W/D unit doesn’t take up much space.
I see what looks like dead space next to the tub/shwr. on each plan, but that may have something to do with HVAC.

Or, to “plus” the experience, just do your laundry like Granny did…!!!!! :hilarious:


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