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Bus or Drive from Hotel to Park?


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Hi All...
Was hoping to get some input from you. This coming July will be the first time we're going to be driving so have a choice between driving and taking the parking tram or taking the bus. We're going to be staying at Old Key West. I'm not so much concerned with the safety of the busses accident-wise but I do hate how they pack everyone in on top of one another. Is it truly faster to get a parking tram than a bus at closing time? Thanks, Have a Magical Day!!!:wave:

Studios Fan

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You shouldn't have any trouble getting a bus at closing time but you may just be crammed or have to wait for the bus.

It is probably quicker to drive than take the bus, but the bus drops you off closer to the hotel / park so you have to weigh the convenience factor.


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You might wish to use your car. OKW is quite large and a decent walk from the bus stops depending on where your room is. If you plan on staying until park closure I think I would drive.


We stayed in Disney(WL) 2 different years in in July. We never had any issues with the bus with the exception of getting to Epcot one night. The only issue we ever had was in August one year the buses were horrible. It was at least a 30-40 minute wait just to get on a bus at the hotel(WL as well). Getting back seemed to be just as bad that year. We started just taking cabs after awhile.


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Old Key West?

Drive. I took the bus from the first stop at OKW, and it was a nightmare. It was 15 minutes before we got out of the resort, plus the drive time from resort entrance to theme park. MK rides took 40 minutes.

Look at some road maps of WDW before you leave and familiarize yourself with the roads so that you know where you're going beforehand, and you'll be fine.


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I've never actually timed it, but I'm pretty sure driving is usually faster, especially when you factor in the time you spend waiting on the bus to GET there. Sticking to Disney transportation has other benefits, though. Personally, I'm okay with taking a little longer so I don't have to deal with things like traffic and finding my car at the end of the day--but that's just me. :)

grumpy 07

I go twice a year and stay at different hotels. I have stayed at old key west, and i think that driving is the way to go. The resort is large like the other person said and it takes forever to leave. At the end of each night at all the parks(after parades or fireworks), trying to find a bus could be very messy and long.


I use the car most days except when we go to MK. The bus service is just too patchy.

Must agree. We drive whenever we go anywhere except MK. (MK you might as well take DW transportation since you'll be forced to take a ferry or rail once you get to the "MK" parking lot anyway). But for the rest we drive. Easier, faster. Kids are all dead tired at the end of a long day and to wait in a long line for a bus, then get crammed into a bus is not the best experience.

JillC LI

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We had a rental car for the first time this past October, and we are now complete converts. Disney bus service is a nice convenience but it was nothing close to the convenience of having our own car and being able to come and go as we pleased. We never waiting more than 5 minutes for a tram whereas we had waited over 30 for a bus in the past.


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Count us in the "drive yourself" group. We go on 10 day trips without stepping foot on a Disney bus anymore.

IMHO, the only time riding a bus is as quick as driving yourself is if you hit everything JUST right... Meaning a bus shows up right as you reach the stop, and your stop is the last one before heading to your destination, and most importantly, there aren't any wheelchairs to load.

That's what REALLY slows down busses.

I don't want anyone to take that the wrong way... I certainly don't blame those in the wheelchairs, and some of the biggest smiles I've had while on Disney busses has been seeing the joy that some kids that live the hardest lives get from visiting WDW. I'm just simply talking from an efficiency standpoint, the way they handle wheelchairs really slows down the process.

And I don't believe there's a way around it, either. It's just a necessity.

It also drives me nuts if I sit at a bus stop at a resort waiting for a bus for more than 10 minutes. All I can think to myself is "we should have just driven ourselves"!! :lol:

Mouse Man

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The DWF and I drive down from Southern NJ to WDW every year in September. I like the Disney transportaion and enjoy not having to worry where I parked, not seeing the car except for going to another hotel due to late or very erly dinning ressies. I enjoy letting them drive me around via, Bus, Monorail and Boat. Never had a bad experience or had wished I would have driven. I also had some really great bus drivers that really got the people singing and laughing. We have also have met other people who we started talking to and wound up hanging out together because we had a lot in common.

Master Gracey 5

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I can see the convenience of having the car and driving, but I'd rather not rent a car and take the buses. I'm rarely in such a hurry that I can't wait an extra 15 minutes for a bus to arrive and take me to the parks. Plus I consider Disney an escape from everyday life, so not having to drive is great.


A Long Time DVC Member
I am like many, I hate the buses; but I love the buses. Many days when I leave for the park in the morning, I do not know where I will end the day. I park hop everyday and sometimes I enjoy having a drink or two before or after dinner and than heading back to the room. I never drink and drive. I love the freedom the buses provide, but I do hate waiting for them when they are late.


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Another vote for driving. We've done it both ways. We did not mind the buses as much before we had kids, but with kids (especially stroller age kids) a car is so much easier. Plus driving your own car is faster than taking the buses...at least in our experience it always has been.

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