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BRE - Epcot Semi Finals SSE vs TT


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For those of you new to this, we're determining the best ride in all of WDW. First we're breaking it down by park and then throwing each park's finest against each other to determine the most enjoyed ride in ALL of Walt Disney World

We've had two rounds thus far, and now that we trimmed the fat, it's time for the real competation to begin....

Spaceship Earth got a free pass to the semi's, but in it's way is Test Track. After dominating Living with the Land, Test Track is looking to use it's mommentum to vault into the finals for Epcot's best attraction. This GM creation takes you through what it takes for cars to enter the lot. After following a track through a cone 'without ABS' and following a track around a cone 'with ABS', you almost experience what it feels like to be T-Boned by a semi (and a deer). I still get atleast once person laughing at the "(CRASH) Buckle up your seatbelts.....You'll be glad you did (tee hee hee)." Spaceship Earth (or as Disney likes to call it the 'Halarious Epcot Golf Ball') is Epcot's castle. This 1981 icon has been transporting people through the past and into the future for decades. Upgrading this ride through the ages, a new voice over and effects have been added to further broaden the magic. This top seat in the Epcot bracket is ready to battle.

Who will move on to the Epcot Finals? Only the WDWMagicians can decide.....

Matt and Kelly

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I vote SSE. I thought that ride was a nice change of pace. My wife hated it and loved Test Track but I think that one is overrated (in my opinion!). There is just something about SSE that I really like.


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Oh SSE was my fav ride in the whole park, but the refurb killed any chance of that happening the last time I went. I could probably stand the first part if the descent had been done better, and I really like Test Track, but I'll still go for SSE, mainly for sentimental reasons.

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