Bob Weis steps down as WDI President


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What is interesting to me is Barbara is not a Disney lifer. She has only been with the company for a short time and now leads WDI. Nothing against her as I don't know much about her but its an interesting move.
A non-creative…is what stands out. Could be good or bad. Same with the “Disney lifer” thing
You win the award for today
Very interesting. She has a very impressive resume, it might be good to shake things up.
See above…spider senses tingling…not sure why yet?


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What’s left of Imagineering is a shell of it former self.

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Disney's Favorite Scumbag
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…you mean that guy that did “nothing”? 🤔
I've lived long enough to see that degenerate be praised, even though he brought about the modern Disney, and its greater focus on profitability and extracting every cent from guests.

Without Eisner, there'd be no Iger or Chapek.

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