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Trip Report BoardWalkin’ Around the World


It’s been a minute since I’ve had a trip, but I have so enjoyed keeping up with things in your reports!

Now, I am SO excited to share that, like many others here, I’ll be visiting the mouse THIS week! And away we go!

When: May 30-June 4, 2023

Where: BoardWalk Inn

Who: Me and my dad, R. We are very excited for this father-daughter trip!



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We finally made it to the BoardWalk! We were the fourth stop on the bus so it took quite a while. Not sure I’d recommend Mears Connect. This is the third time I’ve used it and it seems to have been worse and worse each time.

Room wasn’t ready, but I went to the front desk but sweet CM Judy worked some magic for us! We picked up our small grocery delivery from Bell Services (actually, they were so kind and delivered both that and our bags to the room!)

I knew they were in the process of renovating the rooms here. I was SO hoping we would get a new one. When I asked, they told me that ALL that are now available are renovated! They are still doing some lower floors, but it is no longer possible to get an old style room. They are preparing to start on the villas next.

Here are some fresh BoardWalk Inn room pictures! We are in love!









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We freshened up and went for lunch at Boardwalk Deli. I got a grilled cheese and tomato soup and Dad got a club sandwich on ciabatta and chips. Both were delicious!



It was HOT but we continued to our next destination…



We tried to golf here last trip but got rained out. Dad has been very excited to try the fairways course. The CM who gave us our gear warned us that it was very difficult and we shrugged it off but y’all! It was SUCH a challenge. My dad golfs regularly and he struggled. Needless to say, we did not beat the course record of 45. 😳

I did get a hole in 3 a few times though!


He used to do this for my sister and I when we were little. With this course, it certainly would have been helpful. 😂



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We went and took a quick break in the room to refresh again and then took a bus to MK.


Would we enter the park today?

Nope. Monorail here!


I liked these birds.


I also liked the new (to us) lobby design.


And these trees.


Is it even a first day at Disney if you don’t get a picture with metal Mickey?


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