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Big update to My Disney Experience app will bring navigation capability


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Still needs a little work. Directions from mansion to test track reccomend exiting the park, boarding the express monorail, switching to the resort monorail, then arriving at Epcot...


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I worry about how much people will miss out on if the follow the app too strictly. The parks have always been about letting go and experiencing something new and unexpected;

I don't worry about other people, it's pointless.

The parks have not been about letting go, new and unexpected, in a long time.

You and I and many others might seek something beyond the next ride, but we are a vanishing breed in a humanity awash in mindless demand for instant gratification.


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For the posted example of Space to Splash Mountain, it would be nice if the app also told you the time it would take to zip up to the Circus train stop via that back way, wait for the train ride to the Frontier stop and then down and around to Splash. I'd opt for that even if the time is a bit longer so that I don't have to drag my kids across the park. Including the train in the routes would be neat.


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In the Parks
I was playing around with this feature last night. I asked for directions from Trader Sam's at the Polynesian to The Wave at the Contemporay (in case I wanted to do some bar hopping). I found it interesting that it told me to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom then walk to the Contemporary instead of taking the monorail straight there. Maybe it thinks I should walk off some of the alcohol!!


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Does it take into account parades or other things that might block the hub? If you asked for directions from space to splash during a parade is it smart enough to route you around?


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This update does not appear to be available for my Galaxy s3. :mad:
I'm in the same boat. Since many of the phone companies are no longer giving their customers "free" phones I, probably along with many others, are hanging on a little longer to their older phones. So if Disney continues to add on features that they expect their guests to rely on but are not supported by all phones, they could end up with a lot of frustrated guests.
And this is something I've never read commented on (though I'm sure someone has) phones can be very hard to read in the bright Florida sun. If paper maps are kind of going away (I noticed they have been moved from under the train tracks at MK to a less conspicuous location) and guests who don't know the parks well assume they will be able to simply rely on the app for directions, once again, I think there will be some very frustrated people.


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Agree SO much! To be able to yell at my kids and say "Hurry up! The bus will be here in 5 minutes!" or, conversely, say "the bus is still 20 minutes away, we can walk at a bit more relaxed of a pace" when we're heading into the park each morning would be SO nice!
The technology is available; a large university near me has an app that runs on your cell phone that shows the current location of all their student transit busses.


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Currently, Disney must update the systems that Dispatch the Buses, This system is very old (20+ years technology) Once all the Computers in the Buses have been swapped out with new systems. I am sure you see the times on the MDE App appear. Those that might remember the special bus last year at the D23 event might of got a preview of what the show part of this update was about with the special affects that was demoed.

There is one other issue that Disney can't get around, Disney dispatches buses without knowing if a Wheel Chair or a Scooter will need to be loaded at any given Bus Stop, many times guess that are at the next stop down the line see the Bus Times Slip as the bus is loading the ECV or Chair, which causes a delay in the system (average time of the delay can be 5 more mins added to the time for the Bus Route for each time a ECV/Chair is loaded.


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Thought #1 (SELFISH): Are people still somehow perplexed by the simple park map to need this? (Of course they are...)

Thought #2 (OPTIMISTIC): I'm sure some will find it useful, particularly the options for outside the parks. As someone said, though, bus times (will be arriving in 15 min...etc) would be most valuable for people that use it (not me any more).

Thought #3 (DOOM AND GLOOM): Cripes, now we are going to have even more people ambling about with their faces in their cell phones, only now instead of aimlessly it will be with direction and purpose, making them even more of a menace.

Thought #4 (CYNICAL CRYSTAL BALL): How long before Disney has to add a "please keep your eyes ahead and be aware of your surroundings at all times when using the navigation feature" splash screen warning every time you use it?

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