Big Thunder Mountain Railroad vs Slinky Dog Dash

Which is the better ride?

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No comparison. At least make it a fair vote.
These polls are supposed to delve into fun areas. Take the question and break it into a dozen facets, then vote. Argue. Chuckle. ...have fun with it. :p

"If I were a 12 year old that raises weiner dogs for a living and my dad worked on toy story and my grandma made Slinkys back in the 50's, I'd vote Slinky Dog"

See, Slinky Dog wins by a mile!


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Some people liked Police Academy 7.
Police Academy Goodbye GIF


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Slinky dog is a kids coaster...its VERY VERY tame and not fast. Thunder Mountain is not a giga coaster or high or fast...but it IS fun . Slinky...just a kids ride. I love Big Thunder...

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