News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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Given the current center of Epcot, I'm not sure discussing "lining up" is appropriate for a family site.
Huh, and I wasn't even going there....So in response I say..


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I've just found this video from the 2019 D23 Expo. Does anyone know if the new Epcot anthem can actually be heard in the park or was this also scrapped??


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Don't get me wrong, I enjoy original music and this is no exception. It's just lacking a heavier variation other then swapping out an instrument or adding another drum.
I wholeheartedly agree. It's like computer generated background music that loops so there no clear beginning or end. And there is no end. No end at all. Just keeps going. Argh. It's what Universal does in their queues. <shudder>

There needs to be another composer that can create other tracks to intersperse with this.

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While I agree that even given COVID, Disney took forever to do this.
We also have to remember that this was a demolition job, plus a rebuild being performed in a park during opening hours.
That's way different than constructing a new park.
Universal demolished a building and built a multi-story attraction in its place -- in the middle of an operating theme park - in less than a year.


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Remember, you CAN’T judge from the photos!

I’m sure when it actually opens, it will look much more impressive than what I can find at an office complex on a public street:



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Am I the only one that sees the Delta Airlines logo when looking at the triangles on the wall?🤣 I know that they are supposed to mimic the ones on the exterior of CommuniCore Hall and the SSE panels.
I thought it was a new Delta lounge!

Bud sadly, WDI can’t even design something for its premier theme park that even exceeds existing airport lounges today…



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I get that your upset about watever, but posting pics from inside a 15 billion dollar airport and saying why can't they build this in epcot is just bonkers.
Yes, how strange the design of a performance space and exhibition centre at a Disney theme park doesn't rival the scale of an airport built by an oil rich autocratic Gulf State.
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Apparently poor Disney can’t scrape enough pennies together to even keep up with the current architecture in public spaces.

It’s a long way down from the same company who once inspired the world with Spaceship Earth.


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