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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

James Alucobond

Well-Known Member
Thank you! Looking very green indeed over by Creations, and it appears what I caught a glimpse of was GlasRoc going up on Communicore. The bypass has also gotten very narrow, it seems. Perhaps it's not a pipe dream to imagine that'll close soon to revert to backstage.


Well-Known Member
It's not anything they specifically did for Disney -- topping out ceremonies and signing the last steel beam is widespread in the construction industry for most projects.
Fare enough, but this was signed by the Disney employees not just the construction workers. It would have been nice as as tribute.

No Name

Well-Known Member

I can’t read most of the sign but I like that you may GET WET!

James Alucobond

Well-Known Member
Found this drive-by from today:

Of note ...
  • More GlasRoc has gone up, now on the southern side of Communicore Hall.
  • The planters that will be situated directly in front of the black building on the south side of Journey of Water are being formed and poured.
  • Some of the rockwork facing The Seas has been extended down into the pebble pool and looks to have an initial coat of color.
  • A tree has been added to the last planter that was completely empty just west of the Journey of Water exit.
  • The attendant's desk for the attraction is uncovered.
  • Much of the bypass has been broken up and is waiting in stacks to be hauled away.

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