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Now that I've had some time to play with them, liking the additions and the changes. shape of the avatar doesn't phase me one way or the other much, but I can see why people would have a preference. To bad there isn't a way to make an option for either square or circle.

also really like the "points" "reaction score" and other ways of seeing who is making worthy contributions.

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I really don't think the angry reaction should add to a person's reaction score at all. There are some posts which deserve such a reaction but not if the poster gets something positive from it.

My other confusion always comes from whether to use the angry face only when I dislike the opinion expressed in a post or also when I dislike the factual content of the post. For example, if someone posts "I think Disney should build a Zootopia ride in DAK," they deserve a solid angry face. But let's say that becomes factual and someone shares the news, "Disney is building a Zootopia ride in DAK," I don't like it but it's nothing against the poster, so do I use that face? I didn't know what to do on Facebook and then I stopped using it. I would hate to stop using Please help.


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It's working!!!


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