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Keep in mind that there are several Italian companies that produce chinotto, and they differ slightly. I used to get tiny pony bottles of digestive bitters in southern Italy to consume with appetizers. One reason that I like Beverly is that it reminds me of those bitters, though they were quite a bit stronger flavored. If you have an Italian market nearby, it may be worth your time picking up a few bottles of different chinottos and bitters.

A random question for other Beverly fans: do you also like to drink Moxie? I love that stuff and stock up whenever I'm in New England. I just wish they sold cans of Beverly at EPCOT.

I don't hate Moxie, but I don't go crazy for it either. It may be because I rarely drink any soda. I do like Beverly. I would not sit down to a big glass of it, but for what it is (a digestive) I like it. I also happen to to like things such as bitters in drinks.



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Old timers in New England would refer to any soft drink or soda as tonic. As a child, during the Eisenhower administration, I was required to visit my old maiden aunts, born when Grover Cleveland was president. They would always serve me a “tonic” always Moxie and I hated it. I still cannot stand the stuff.

Moxie is one of the oldest, “soft drinks” around it. First bottled in 1876, 10 years before Coca Cola, in Lowell Ma, right down the road from me. It is the official soft drink of Maine. Originally, sold as nerve tonic.