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Hey guys. Fun opinion times where we don’t have politics or Covid involved.

which “land” in each park do you think is the best themed?

MK- For me this was the toughest for sure. I think they all are quite good but two stood alone. I ended up going with Main Street USA over Liberty Square. To me Main Street is Disney World and is not only seamlessly themed but carries that immersive experience better than the other MK land.

Epcot- Mexico Pavilion. I picked this because it’s a pavilion that we’ll exemplifies three aspects of Mexico. First Outside the beach mariachi vacation vibe with. Then the towering pyramid reflecting the ancient Aztec and Mayan culture. Finally the night market of Oaxaca. Having been it feels like colonial Mexico more than one would think.

DHS- To be fair this park is a bit of a themed disaster but Star Wars Galaxy Edge, even though I haven’t been had to be probably the greatest themed land ever built.

AK was tough too as Africa and Asia both are great. Even though I think Expedition Everest is the best themed ride outside of Star Wars at WDW I went with Africa. It feels authentic down to the telephone poles and wires. The safari is one of a kind and the food is really stepping up to meet the continent.

what do y’all think?

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In Magic Kingdom you probably can't go wrong with either of them. The bottom two I would say would be Tomorrowland and Fantasyland with Tomorrowland being the least well-themed. Fantasyland in Disneyland is much better done and more immersive. Not so in Magic Kingdom, which is weird because they have the room.

So it comes down to Adventureland, Main Street, Frontierland and Liberty Square. I'd pick one of the last two. Frontierland does do a good job at putting you in the past as does Liberty Square. Heck, it is a toss up between these two.

Epcot can be either of the countries. Norway, Germany, Morocco, United States, England, Mexico, etc. Canada is alright, I can see how Canada is perceived from an American perspective (don't worry, us Canadians are used to being portrayed that way) but there are parts of Canada that do have that rustic nature-like feel to it.

As on add-on, I would say New Orleans Square in Disneyland could arguably be #1.


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My picks:

MK - Main Street USA (What can I say its just a magical throwback to a time when life was a little simpler. Always makes me think of Disney's live action films like Pollyanna or Summer Magic that could have easily been filmed there)

Epcot - Morocco (I have not been to the actual country but I must say the King sending artists to work on the tile and architecture of the pavillion was the thing that took it over the top)

DHS - Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard (I always remember the tagline: The Hollywood that never was but always will be) I think the Imagineers hit it spot on with all of the iconic theater and landmark facades and the Citizens of Hollywood truly bring you to that Golden era)

DAK - Africa/Harambe (Honestly it looks like what it is supposed to be, a town somewhere in Africa that had political trauma but has bounced back to become a place that is striving to modernize itself, sharing and educating the world the importance of ECO tourism and the beauty of the animal kingdom.
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