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Best Quick Dining for Lunch


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They still have multiple counters, but they all have the same items at all the counters now.

For MK I vote Columbia Harbor House
AK Satu'li Canteen hands down
DHS really is lacking but we do either Backlot or ABC Commissary.
Good to hear about Cosmic Ray's. It's been almost 3 years since we've been back. Prices and crowds both keeping us away.


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What a great thread!


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Satu'li Canteen at AK. I don't eat at HS--maybe a snack (funnel cake with strawberries and ice cream).


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DHS- Fairfax fare is truly underrated. Since the menu change to Tex-mex, this is a must do for us every trip! Truly a hidden gem in the DHS blandness.

Agree with the other posters, Satulii in Ak, we also like Y&Y and the Harambe market. QS indoor option is Restaurantosaurus

Epcot Sunshine seasons, best Salmon on property by far!

MK- BOG, Columbia Harbor, Sleepy Hollow


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I agree with those other parents who have voted for satu'li Canteen at Pandora. My kids love the cheeseburger pods with the chips. It always seems to have good seating available too.

Backlot Express is where we usually stop for quick service at Hollywood Studios. I didn't really like the offerings at Woody's lunch box unfortunately.

At Magic Kingdom we go to cosmic rays Starlight Cafe but if it's super crowded and we can't find any seating then Pinocchio Village Haus is another good option. Especially for kids like who like pizza!


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MK - Columbia Harbour House, Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn

DHS - Backlot Express, Woody's Lunchbox

- Harambe Market, Yak & Yeti Local Foods

Dad 2 M & M

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HS - Unless something has changed, we find the ABC Commissary sub-standard and would vote for Backlot Express
ABC Commisary is a bit better than it used to be.....
I think the lack of seating and shade plus the long wait times has put people off. It was brutal there in the summer.
And, the "landlocked" feel of Toy Story Land adds to the issue
Limited menu is more of my issue with there.
Isn't it though? Very surprised to see anyone mention Woody's, especially when recommending for a 3 and 6 year old?

MK - Columbia Harbour House - Salmon
DHS - ABC Commissary - Dinner has steak fries.....we're partial to steak fries vs shoestring
AK - Hamarbe Market has many items to choose or Restaurantasaurus might be better for young ones.
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