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Best Park Live Entertainment?


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I love many of the live entertainments. My favorites are Margret Almer and the Bavarian Showband (see my video on youtube) , Delta Q (see my video on youtube), Marc Angers And Friends , Raffy , and The Tapestry Of Nations Parade.


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Another vote for Citizens of Hollywood.

My second choice would be the other great live entertainment experience at WDW. Inventing backstories for some of the more... interesting guests you see around the park.

"See that couple? That's Ray. Ray is seeing his secretary and confessed it last night to his wife Carol over prime rib at Boatwright's. What Ray doesn't know is that Carol's seeing his boss. And has been for twenty years. Dum dum dahhh!"
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and why did they ever get rid of them. Also, the entertainers at Great Britain. What was that skit? "In search of the Holy Grail" I always caught that show when I was there. I got to be king once.
Someone correct me if I am wrong but I thought that was the World Showcase Players. I was there for the final day of their performances as well, which was in the same week as Off Kilter. As far as why they got rid of them, I have no idea, they were truly impressive. But a lot of the live entertainment in the parks is being cut. Disney Springs is getting some groups over there or were before the whole Coronavirus thing happened but the parks are suffering from a lack of great entertainment. Last I heard British Revolution has also been cut from the UK Pavilion and I thought Sergio in Italy and the acrobat act in France was also cut. This is awful as the live entertainment was what made so much of Disney special to me. Marie

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