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Best All Around Resort

Sam Eagle 1776

Original Poster
So what is the best all around resort in WDW? We're adding all the factors together for this one: Atmosphere, amenities, transportation, value, quality, etc.

I've only stayed at one so I'm gonna sit this one out:)


Well-Known Member
I love the Contemporary.....others love the Poly,etc... you are going to get people who love every given resort.

I think a monorail resort really gives you a lot of options since the other monorail resorts are only a small dash on the monorail away....

MSU Jafar

I have to say the Beach Club. The sand bottom pool and water slide is the best! You are also so close to Epcot and the Boardwalk.

I also think the Polynesian is nice because of the atmosphere and the monorail definitely makes getting places very convenient!


The Epcot Manifesto
Premium Member
Personally I love the Fort Wilderness Cabins. It just seems like another world to me, with so much to do on the grounds. The campfire movies, trading posts, stables, just everything "clicks" to me. Of course, that could be because it was my family's "resort of choice" growing up and the nostalgia works wonders, but I love everything about that resort!


Well-Known Member
Have stayed at the Contemporary, The Polynesian, the Wilderness Lodge and the Boardwalk Inn and my vote goes for the WL (well we have stayed there over 10 times :lookaroun ). We love the general atmosphere and the relaxed feeling you get when you drive in the gate. You will see kids playing in the lobby as well as people napping on the leather sofas and nobody saying a word.
Love the Whispering Canyon Cafe and Artist Point. The boat to the MK early in the morning or back at night (try a 3 am ride :snore::snore: )...very relaxing.
We've never had any problems with the bus transportation that some people complain about, but I know it was horrendous at the Boardwalk. :zipit:
The Poly is nice, but having to walk outside to get to the shops and restaurants isn't much fun when it's pouring, especially if you are back by the TTC.
It's been a long time since we've stayed at the Contemporary, but it was just eh, nothing special in our eyes.


Well-Known Member
This is a hard question...because what I think is the best, isn't neccessarily my favorite.

Overall...location, theming, ammenities, and overall wow...have to go with the Wilderness Lodge.

(But my heart is in PORS!)


Well-Known Member
So far for the money and family, plus all the amenities, we vote for CBR. But that may change with our visit to poly in december.


Well-Known Member
not easy

That's not easy to say, as several are excellent. If forced to choose:

Contemporary Resort

followed by:

Animal Kingdom Lodge


Beach Club


New Member
Absolutly the Polynesian. Even though we havent stayed there in a while, with a family of 5...ewe have stayed maybe 5-6 times. The most scenic, romantic...most convienient to MK and just a great atmosphere. Someday will return, but with family 5 just little outa our range. For now its Wilderness Lodge....beautiful too.


New Member
I'm going w/the Contemporary,just slightly above WL. The deciding factor for me was it's closest to MK & the Coffee Grounds.


Another vote for the Beach Club -
1: for the location and easy access to Epcot, HS, the Boardwalk and other hotels.
2: for the pool and beach.
3: it doesn't matter how busy it is, there is still a calm quiet atmosphere.


Well-Known Member
I have to join all the OP who have voted for the WL. We have stayed here 4 time and we love everything about this resort. The location is perfect. DH had done our bedroom to look just like a room at the lodge. (kind of scary ...:lol:) WL also has the best resort gift shop!!! WL is our home away from home.

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