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Beach Club or Yacht Club for upcoming trip!


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Going to Disney with my grown daughter in September and took advantage of the dining option.

We are currently booked at the Beach Club but we can get the Yacht Club for the same price. Would you change and why?

I have never stayed at Beach Club but the advantages there is the pool and proximity to Epcot/HS. We usually do not find any time for pool time.

My first pick would be Poly but it is not available or affordable.

We did stay at the Grand Floridian last year Mother's Day and were not impressed with the resort but always love being on the monorail system.
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Is it possible you are confusing the Yacht Club with the Grand Floridian? The Yacht Club is right next to the Beach Club, shares a pool and is not on the Monorail line (the Grand Floridian is), Either way, if you were not impressed by it, I would go with the other option. The Beach Club, would be my person choice anyway as I enjoy the décor, location and amenities.


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The pool is there whether you stay at the BC or YC.

All Yacht Club rooms have balconies, not all BC rooms do. And I think the YC rooms were refurbed more recently than the BC; there is also refurb work going on at BCV which appears to have been delayed until the Fall.

The BC is more geared to families than the YC, so YC may have a more adult vibe to it. It’s further away from Epcot but probably equidistant to DHS if you go via the S&D.


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If you're choosing between Beach Club and Yacht Club, look at room/lobby photos and decide which decor style you prefer. That's the main difference between the two. Location, amenities, etc. are all shared (or the same) between them, so it's a wash otherwise. The proximity to HS and EPCOT is a giant plus, and in my view, the main advantage they both offer.


For the same price, I would switch to YC. I really enjoy sitting out on the balcony and BC has a low percentage of rooms with a full balcony. YC has a better QS for breakfast, IMO. The rooms have underbed storage for suitcases, shoes where BC still has the older style beds. YC is also the first bus stop when YC and BC are sharing buses. And, as a previous poster mentioned, YC has a more adult vibe with fewer families. Because of the convention center, there are often more business types staying there. We also enjoy the quiet pool there as it is secluded and never crowded.


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Beach Club is one of the few places I haven't stayed at WDW, but I loved YC and would definitely stay there again. It wasn't as old-ladyish as the GF (which, don't get me wrong, I loved the GF, too!), but the vibe is much less prissy at YC.

Eric Graham

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I would personally stay at the Beach Club over Yacht. But with one caveat. My wife did not like the way the Yacht club updated their floors, but I believe they just updated the Beach so who knows. . .


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For all intents and purposes BC and YC are the same resort. The biggest difference is, as was pointed out above, not all rooms have a balcony at BC. Personally I'd go BC just because its that tiny bit closer to Epcot, and if you're in the far end of it you can use the back door to come out right near the world showcase entrance.

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