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Be Our Guest now serving Alcohol for Breakfast/Lunch


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Going through the menus online, it looks like Be Our Guest will now serve Alcohol at breakfast and quick service lunch.




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TJ Vazquez

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In the Parks
$10.00 for a mimosa?! :oops: There is a place downtown where you can have bottomless mimosas for that amount!! And you know since its Disney the amount of champagne will be so minuscule it might as well be $10 orange juice.
I'm not going to lie, my wife and I bring a $8.00 bottle of champagne with us from home and a 1.00 bottle of OJ and make our own mimosas in our room. Maybe it's not as classy as BOG but on days we aren't going to the parks, it hits the spot.

Gitson Shiggles

There was me, that is Mickey, and my three droogs
Gosh, isn't it funny how that works? :cautious:

Give it a moment. I'm sure they'll upgrade dining plan costs to catch up.

They added alcohol this year and the price increase wasn’t out of the ordinary. If the yearly price increase itself increases, I can’t justify it. Even if I wanted alcohol at all, I wouldn’t drink it at every meal.

Greg H

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Awesome! Looks like a great value if on a dining plan! Seems as if the dining plan is looking like a better option since Disney is raising snack prices!

We are heading down in a few weeks and were just doing the advance ordering on a couple of BOG reservations and it looks like they don't include the alcohol options for the DDP at least on the pre order page... You can add them but they are in addition to the drink they force you to pick with your meal selection e.g., pop, hot beverage, bottle of water, choc milk...

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