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Atlantic dance hall closing?


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Makes sense. Place is usually empty, but I wonder what Disney will do with the space.


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I'm honestly surprised that it was not shuttered years ago.
The place is empty on most nights and only seems to get moderately busy at best.
Honestly, I really liked the format - I enjoyed the music videos rather than just purely music.
Unfortunately, it seems like it was always "just closing" the majority of the time that I would get back to the Boardwalk when I was hoping to enjoy it to end the night.

I really hope they put something interesting in the space! :cool:


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God, I hope so. Went in there for the first time a few weeks ago and it is probably the darkest pit in all WDW. So trashy.


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In the Parks
It is never packed, but it is always a fun spot. The video dance party is always better than just music. Because we stay in this area, we do hit the Dance Hall for something to do.


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I'm surprised They haven't closed it years ago. It's such a waste of space and could be re-imagined into something more exciting.


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I'd like to see more outdoor dining in that area, and perhaps a place for live music.
It would be cool if they could put seating on the roof.


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If they are making money from hosting weddings, then perhaps it should be properly re-decorated and branded as the Boardwalk Wedding Pavilion. Other than that, it is what it is, and will certainly be branded without our having any say in it.

Perhaps they can turn it into another Frozen or Star Wars Meet'n'Greet. Those seem to be all the rage with the bean counters.


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Dangit, I wanted to take my girlfriend there if we ever went to Disney World together. She loves Atlantic City and probably would have gotten a kick out of the place.


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We stay at BCV every summer and always spend time on the BW. I had no clue this place was still open until I walked close enough this past July to see the modest poster for the video dance party. Advertising this better, even just in the resorts closeby, could help. But let's be honest, sometimes Disney is okay with letting something die if it will save them money or they have other uses planned for it.

I can't see another restaurant along the BW, even though I would personally appreciate something different. There are already an abundance of options including YC/BC/Epcot. Not sure what else I would do with the space, just hope it doesn't sit there and rot.

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