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Arriving in 7 days for our honeymoon! Any final tips / Ideas!?


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I can't believe the time has nearly come to re-visit the world as it has been a long time coming! (or feels like it - June 2008) Is that long? :lookaroun

It is our honeymoon and posted something similar quite a while ago and got some ideas but was wondering if anyone could give me anymore last minute ideas???

It would be much appreciated! :D


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Congratulations! My husband and I had our honeymoon at Disney in May 2009 and it was SO great...these are probably pretty obvious, but make sure you wear bride/groom ears (and if you do, be prepared for a lot of shouts of "congratulations!" from total strangers - so fun), take lots of pictures, and have at least one romantic/fancy dinner (ours was at Jiko...amazing). Have a great time, and hope you have a great wedding too! :wave:
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we recently went for a gorgeous meal at Ohana which is in the Poly hotel and then had a nice time sitting on the beach afterwards watching the magic kingdom fireworks, it was magical. we also hired a boat from the floridian and watched the fireworks on the lake which was amazing. congrats and have a wonderful time
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Lots of great ideas (including getting frisky LOL) however, first and most importantly, ENJOY EACH OTHER'S COMPANY and the fact that you are in the happiest place in the World! You guys will have a blast. Maybe ask the resort where you are staying for some special ideas also...they may have some extra added secrets or surprises up their sleeves and have fun! We expect photos upon your return.

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Have a great time!! I am not sure if posted tips to you before, I usually do post honeymoon tips as I took mine there as well :)

Wear your bride & groom ears/Just Married buttons! You can get the buttons free usually at your resort, or at any park. Lots of little extra magic can come with wearing these things. Make sure your resort & any restaurants you are dining at knows that you are celebrating your honeymoon! You never know what can happen there too.

My favorite thing my husband & I did on our honeymoon was heading over to the Polynesian to watch Wishes from the beach there. It was very quiet & romantic, and we had the best time. I highly recommend it as the most romantic way to end an evening in Disney!

Also, if you have time, head over to Port Orleans for a 30 minute carriage ride around the resort. I think it's up to $45 per couple now, but it might be a little less. :wave:
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Well, firstly don't get ill like I did!

After that I say just do whatever takes your fancy. I'm a strong advocate of doing to outside-of-the-park activities (taking a boat round the Seven Seas Lagoon is a favourite of ours) and also spending the time to just explore the resorts.

If your like us, you will run around a lot but after the exhaustion of getting married (the preparation, not the act itself...), it's nice to take things at a slower pace.

Make sure you get lot's of pictures. Use Photopass if you can. On our last day we went to DTD and had a look at one of the photobooths so we could create our DVD. The guy saw our Honeymoon Badges (which you MUST get) and immediately talked his supervisor into giving him 30 minutes away from the shop so he could wonder round with us and take extra pictures!

Get the Honeymoon Badge and just watch how many CM's talk to you (be prepared to get a little extra attention at Dinner shows or on rides like JC).

If you've made any ADR's make sure they know it's your Honeymoon.

Consider buying something special to commemorate the tip. We bought an amazing picture from The Art of Disney and whenever we see it, we think of our honeymoon.

Most of all, just have a great time and appreciate every second of of the trip.
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Enjoy yourself and relax! That is my biggest piece of advice, especially after the chaos of a wedding. My husband and I honeymooned at Disney in 2006 and it was wonderful. We made sure we took our time and did what ever we felt like doing. Had a wonderful romantic dinner at Fulton's at DTD. We also did the carriage ride at POR. We really enjoyed that. We have also watched the fireworks from the Poly (on our anniversary the following year). Congrats and have fun! :wave:
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Congrats! We leave for ours on 9/27... can't wait!

It just depends on how you like to vacation... we decided to give up the "Disney Death March" touring plan style... and focus on relaxing. In fact, the only time we'll be at the Magic Kingdom is for MNSHHP... sad but true!

We know this trip isn't "once in a lifetime"... and we don't have to see every ride, show, or parade. It's tough to stomach... but I can't wait to sit pool side at Stormalong Bay with a girly drink in my hand and savor the sounds and sights with my new hubby! We're taking the slow down approach... and I won't regret missing the 3 o'clock parade to do so!

We booked the Dinning Plan with some nice meals (Le Cellier and Coral Reef for example)...

A few surprises along the way... like the Indy Race Car Experience for him on our first day...

Lots of resort time... we specifically picked the Yacht Club for the boardwalk location and pool... (and how short the walk would be from Epcot to get frisky :lol: )

Activites like minature golf, renting sea raycers, water parks, and Disney Quest...

We're pre-ordering our bride and groom ears (disneyshopping.com) to wear all the way down... as well as matching t-shirts (same logo, different color)... so cheesy... but hey... you only get married once right!?

We're also bringing a video camera (no... not for that that)... to help document the overall trip. I plan on creating a youtube trip report with the videos and pictures when we return...

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Congratulations!!! :wave: We spent our honeymoon at WDW too and we couldn't have had a better time!! Our favorite part was doing the Seas Aqua tour at EPCOT. Luckily the day we scheduled it, we were the only ones who signed up that day so it was like our own private tour. When we told the guide it was our honeymoon, he let us back in to the park afterwards at no charge (you would usually have to use up one of your park passes!) so we went and had lunch at the Mexico pavillion (yum!!) Make sure you wear your bride and groom ears, get them first thing when you get there (we got ours at DTD at World of Disney). No joke, half way through our trip we had someone offer cash for my husband's groom ears because they ran out of them at several locations across the resort and they were very difficult (if not impossible to find) You get sooo much attention wearing them, everyone tells you congratulations and you might get some special perks a long the way :) If you're looking for some great places to dine, I would recommend Le Cellier, Ohana, and our favorite California Grill. We were brought a very beautiful (and tasty!) dessert when we mentioned it was our honeymoon :)
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When we were waiting in line to check-in the manager asked us why we were visiting, we told him it was our honeymoon and he upgraded us and Disney left some wonderful surprises in the room, (fruit, flowers and chocolate) I’m not sure if they still do that however.
There are many romantic spots, our favorites were (are) the beach at the Polynesian to watch wishes or the bridge between France and the UK in Epcot to watch illuminations, or find your own. Just remember to wait until you get back to your room to get frisky.
Hydrate! I almost lost DW on our honeymoon, one minute she was fine, the next she was on the ground and I swear 10 cast members came out of nowhere to help.
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Beware of the pixie dust. :lookaroun
Oh and remember the commercial about mom's little secret? Not so entertaining when it happens to you I would guess. Cute commercial. But the explaining would be tough.
Congrats and enjoy!:sohappy:
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Original Poster
Thank you all so much for your congratulations and suggestions!

We will do our best to get around and do some of these things! (and the frisky thing!) :D

Thanks again :wave:
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