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Are these rides better in WDW or DL?

Matt and Kelly

Well-Known Member
Here is my humble opinion.

1. Haunted Mansion - Tie. Both parks have better elements. I like the facade of DL better, along with the actual stretching rooms, but the queue in WDW is far better.

2. Splash Mountain - DL. No real reason why other than DL was the first time I rode Splash and it's my all time fave.

3. Pirates - Disneyland. The original is had to beat. Floating past the Blue Bayou, the dual drops, DL take it for me.

4. Toy Story Mania - WDW. Ride is essentially the same but the indoor queue is a nice reprieve form the heat as opposed to DL.

5. Tower of Terror - Great ride no matter what but WDW takes this hands down.

6. Big Thunder Mountain - DL. The new refurbishment is terrific.

7. Buzz Lightyear - Tie. Nothing really setting wither apart for me.

8. Small World - DL. The facade of the ride and the outdoor loading area is far superior to the WDW set up.

9. Peter Pan - For me WDW is better only because of the Fastpass set up. The queue in DL is way better but the lines are almost unbearable if you don't hit it early.

10. Teacups - DL for the fact it is not housed under a roof. Plus having Alice, Matterhorn and the Storybook Land Boats surrounding the ride provide some cool sights and sounds, especially at night.

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