Are paper maps still a thing


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Hello All,

Its a quiet, rainy memorial day. I have been cleaning out my late DW's bureau, not an easy thing to do. I found her Disney drawer full of souvenirs and mementos including her Disney hat loaded with pins, a veteran of our many trips. Bars of soap, both the black wrapper bars and the round H2O ones. Pictures and the credit card style passes. I also found a stack of paper park maps which got me wondering do they still print paper maps?

Thank You



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For now yes, although with Universal getting rid of them it wouldn't shock me if WDW did or at least made them by request only, i.e. not leave them out for all to grab.


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Our local newspaper stopped putting out a paper on Mondays, for now papers come Tues to Sun. They have a digital edition all week. Cost savings they say. I can see them eventually trying to go all digital.
Eventually Dis will go without paper maps, but for now they still have them. I have a variety of Dis maps in my Disney room from over the years. I just wonder how many guests pass by the maps and rely totally on their phone maps. When Dis figures out a cost saving from getting rid of them ….
I’m one who prefers a paper copy in my hands. Same with holding a newspaper or a book. .


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Gone are the days whe you were able to go to the WDW website to order and mail your own free customizable park maps with the 2 designs.
I miss the days of the Trip planning DVDs, DS and I still watch the one with Erin, Dave, Luke and Stacey.
Glad I was around when they had the promotion, those maps are great quality.
I have a collection of the DVDs and the VCR planning tapes as well.


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I have all of mine since 1986 and do occasionally reference them to see how the parks have changed. That, in my opinion, is the problem with going all digital-once they update the map online, the public can't access the old one (I certainly hope they archive them themselves.)


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Preparing for the day WDW decides to cut park maps, but so far no signs of that yet. Prior to their removal, Universal started reducing how many maps were displayed in the pickup area at the front of the park and removed them from a lot of locations throughout the parks months prior to their official removal.

WDW still has them throughout each park, shop and restaurant in full force. I'd imagine we'd get cuts there before we see them remove it entirely. Then again, it's a rather easy thing to remove overnight.


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Disney AP: I know this park like the back of my hand!

The day they remove park maps at the entrance plaza.

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