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AP Simba magnets all gone at AK


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Even though it was suppose to be until September 5th, my family and I went on Saturday and they scanned our magicbands and told us they will mail them out to us.

We like to get them mostly because my 2 year old likes seeing them on the car. We make a weekend trip out of it and drive up the parks. It's not like we only go for the magnets. Since becoming an AP holder the only special magnet we didn't bother going for was Figment.
Let me rephrase I guess. I'm surprised that people care enough about them to make a special trip. Some people were even considering a trip just to get one when Dorian was projected to slam into Orlando.
CM at AK told me that one family said they flew here just for the magnet (and of course yelled at her when they were out). There's more to the story I'm sure, but that's just nuts


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Being a former airline employee, flying in to MCO for an AP magnet may not really cost someone anything but time, a few meals, and a night in a hotel room. And if you're DVC, there's potentially no cost for your room as well.


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This thread reminds me of a time when we went to WDW during the holidays and they had special Vinylmations in three of the parks. We got the Holidays Around the World Vinylmation from Epcot and the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights Vinylmation from DHS, but we could not find the MVMCP Toy Soldier in any store during the party. It drove us crazy.
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