Anyone do any of the 5k races?


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Hi runners! I've recently taken up running and was wondering if anyone has done any of the Disney 5k races. I'm currently using the couch to 5k plan with the get running Iphone app. I'm concerned that a 5k may be a bit easy once I'm finished with c25k but a half marathon may be too difficult. I'd love to hear some Disney 5k experiences. :wave:

As far as the half goes, I'm not really concerned about my time, I look at it as more of an experience than a race. I just worry about hurting myself or not finishing and having to be picked up by the van.


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I did the ESPN 5K back in February and had a blast despite in drizzling during the first mile or so.
That was my first run at Disney and I loved it. Even if you're more of a distance runner, the run is still a blast.

When it comes to running at Disney and you want to sign-up for one, I highly recommend that since you're not looking for the Half-Marathon to do a 5K because....well, it's either a marathon, half, or 5K. :wave:

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I have done a 5K at Disney - the inaugural Everest Challenge. The good thing about a Disney 5K is there are SO MANY people running that no matter how fast or slow, there is someone else there at your pace so you don't feel out of place.

Best of luck with your training. Someone once told me when I was just starting out that if you can run a mile, you can run a marathon! I didn't believe him at the time, but those words have proven to be true. Happy running! :wave:


I recommend the Everest 5k, it was a blast last year. Disney is having it in June this year. There is an obstacle course and scavenger hunt as part of the race. You should definitely check it out.


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I ran the Circle of Life 5K (Animal Kingdom course) back in January 2009. Great race! I also ran this the day before Goofy Challenge and it is a great warm-up to the weekend. Last year the 5K was through Epcot. The 2011 course has not been officially announced yet, although, lists it as Epcot.

What distance are you up to right now? If you are targetting January 2011 and considering the half marathon, I would recommend looking for a 5k near you over the summer to gauge your progress. If you are running for the experience, the half marathon is much better than the 5K. The single best race experience in my opionion is running down Main Street. Keep in mind the pace requirement is a 16 minute/mile, which is a comfortable walking pace. If you plan to run and need to walk at any point, you should not be concerned about being "swept."

Keep an eye on the race capacity. Last year, the half marathon sold out by May, but I understand next year's race is still only around 50% full (I think the fact that it was 26 degrees has something to do with it).


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Where do you go to see the races they have? I'm going down in December and would be interested in looking into one of them if there's anything going on while I'm there. Thanks in advance :)

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The everest challenge was a lot of fun. Of course that was my first and only disney race so far, but it sure won't be the last. I ran with my daughter and we had a blast!

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