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American Idol Experience To Close


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I've been told by some friends that AIE cast members were told yesterday that the attraction would close after the first of the year. Anyone else have any info?
Please be true.

Not that I mind AIE being open -- although I don't care for it, other people do and I hate seeing things close without replacements (*cough* Sounds Dangerous). But AIE closing is probably the first step in an expanded Star Wars land, so if we hear something about the CMs at Indiana Jones also being told about that closing.....


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And I just said something about 2016 yesterday. I scare myself sometimes.

OK, so here is my best case scenario.....

WDW's very own Blue Sky Cellar.

I can dream can't I ?


This would empty that entire building, making either the building, or the complete plot of land, available. It would have been unhelpful to use the Sounds Dangerous portion of the building for anything other than the SWW events. But this frees up a lot of space in close proximity to other Lucas attractions.

Here's hoping this is Step 1, and that Step 2 isn't 5 years away.


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The AIE and Sounds Dangerous combined are one of the largest buildings in the park and are also in the center of the park. If they do close it at the end of the year they better have something in mind to replace one or both since it's such a prime location
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