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Hot Takes on the song:
  • The "Ah - meh - rih - CAH" sting is repeated too often.

  • Going up on -CAH! is like changing the accent in the way you say "America"... Ah - meh - rih - CÁH. That, and the other ways words are forced into the melody and not respecting the cadence of the language, just sounds bad.

And that was hot takes with MisterPenguin.


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I don't want to watch any videos of the new show. Going to save it for my trip coming up.

With that said, Golden Dream is (was?) such a moving song for me. From the instrumental versions that played on the entrance loops to the actual song, it never fails to give me goosebumps or even well up or get a lump in my throat. The change in '92 didn't drastically alter it, but sounds like this version did.

I took my gf to DW for her first trip this past summer and before we went I told her how amazing The American Adventure is. She kind of shrugged me off and rolled her eyes. Fast forward a few weeks later to the show ending and I ask her how she liked it - she was choked up and loved it.

There are only a few attractions at DW that truly move me in such a way and this is one of those. So call me a little bummed to hear that they may have altered the music and not for the best. 😕


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I've seen the new version at least 5 times now and it's growing abbot on me. It's definitely better in person with the amazing sound system.

hpyhnt 1000

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I've seen the new version at least 5 times now and it's growing abbot on me. It's definitely better in person with the amazing sound system.

Happens with a lot of these kind of changes. In the immediate aftermath, it's the worst decision ever made and "rabble rabble rabble!" but, after a few months, opinions soften until eventually most of us find something redeeming about the change and it becomes a wash at worst and amazing at best. And then the cycle begins anew with the next refurb...

(Except when Journey Into Imagination became YOUR Imagination. Nothing good about that one!)


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After listening to it, a lot, I think my main problem with the new track is the percussion. That doesn't seem timeless to me. I also prefer the original male vocals. But that is just a style preference. These points have been mentioned before. I'm just adding my vote.

But Lady Gaga could do the outro and I would still love the attraction. Love them bots! :D


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I noticed a lot of mentions of the original male vocals. The original female vocalist was amazing as well.

I think the male gets more mentions because the new female does a much better job than the new male; not that we didn't like the original female vocalist.

So, in appreciation, her name is Siedah Garrett.


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There are a couple of physical elements that were passed over during the rehab however. The rain is missing in the gas station scene. There also appears to be some fiber optic lighting missing from the welding effects on the submarine. The rain effect has been off for a while before the refurb, so it appears they didn't even address that. I wonder if they even actually did any work on the physical sets and animatronics.
I went on it Saturday and the Fiberoptics are back, The rain didn't appear to be working.


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I went on it Saturday and the Fiberoptics are back, The rain didn't appear to be working.
I've noted as of recently the Rain Effects have returned to the Great Depression scene.

and the fiberoptics for the welding


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Bravo! It's as if only "recent two-timers who got caught" should be excluded. I mean, JFK is in it...
I always thought JFK was overrated. I'm on the other side of 50 and my whole life has been Kennedy this and Kennedy that and it all happened before I was born, with the exception of Ted Kennedy, especially in the Northeast area.


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Disney has released the new version of Golden Dream for our listening enjoyment. I’m glad to see Disney honor the tradition of releasing this. Original songs are one of Epcot’s most unique and delightful legacies.

With fresh ears, my opinion is similar to when I first heard it. Excellent female vocalist, the male vocalist is too nasally for my taste, and the arrangement itself is either a step sideways or a slight step back.


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In this video they mention who performed Golden Dream. Does anyone have the names of those who performed the older versions of Golden Dream?


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The male voice is a definite and huge step down from the previous one, no contest either. The current female vocals are also a mixed bag, thought for different reasons.

I think the new lady technically has a superior voice to the previous lady, but the style she chooses (or was directed) to sing the song in is grating at parts. She does a ton of short and abrupt pitch shifting. Generally what you would hear in modern pop, country or R&B. While that may work for those types of genres, it doesn't sound particularly good with Golden Dream. Nor does it harmonize well with the already weak voice of the guy (in fact they don't harmonize as well in general compared to the previous duo). When the new lady holds a note properly and sings in a more traditional style fitting of the melody, I can tell she has a very good voice. But a lot of parts (particularly at the beginning) are grating due to the style she sings it in.

The melody itself isn't arranged as well as before either. Particularly the buildup and high points. The climax just doesn't have the same impact as before.

I will however note that the portion of the Golden Dream melody used at the very end of the show is still impactful and well done. You don't hear it in that recording above, it occurs after that part atop the Statue of Liberty at curtain close. They still use a chorus for that, the show and original song still ends with a proper and beautiful bang.
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