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AMD Ryzen

Jimmy Thick

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The six core Ryzen's and higher are dam good cpus, after bio's updates. With updated boi's, and I have not seen any shipped recently with updates preinstalled, these cpu's are very worthwhile, yes they are and that is coming from an Intel fanboi.

As for memory, the highest speed I can get stable is 2666mhz on my 3200. It will come in time so I'm not really worried.

As for the Ryzen 3, I would avoid it. The speeds suck and compared to a Kaby Lake Pentium which now have hyperthreading, you're wasting money. Coffee Lake Pentiums will probably have a better clock on them so I would wait personally.

I'm going to eat crow on the Ryzen chips, they turned out pretty dam good and for the price point and cores, they are a success.

Still wouldn't get AMD video cards though.......


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Original Poster
Leaks are out for Ryzen+ (2000 series chips)

Source: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/03/09/amd-ryzen-plus-price-specs-release-date/
Spanish site with leaked info: https://elchapuzasinformatico.com/2...to-benchmarks-precios-y-fecha-de-lanzamiento/

Looks like they are dropping the 800 and 800x this go around and moving the 700 up to the top slot. The new 2700x increases it's base and boost clocks up from 3.4GHz boost 3.8GHz to 3.7GHz boost 4.35 GHz. The x chips will have a tech dubbed Precision Boost Overdrive which should alloy even better overclocking.

Along with this comes a new chipset, the X470. The new chipset will support XFR2 Enhanced and higher speed memory support.
All Ryzen+ chips should work on last gen 300 series motherboards with a future bios update.