Trip Report Am I sweating, or am I still wet from the rain? Solo June 2019!

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(Saying things loudly to each other like "DOES SHE REALLY NEED A PHOTO OF EVERYTHING GET A LIFE")
Ugh...people are literally so rude. I take so many photos every trip I can only imagine what people think :hilarious:🤣
Excited to hear about the Villans event


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Day 3 continued...

Having accomplished my donut mission, I was headed to Big Thunder! It was so SO hot and I was ready to have my face whipped around by a fast moving train!





Lots of pictures because it is my favorite! I was missing my fiance Ian a whole bunch at this time, because we love to look at each other out of the blue and say "the wiiiiiildest ride in the wilderness!"

After my wild ride, I had some time to kill before my Splash Mountain FP. Shopping in the AC? Count me in!

While shopping, I found an item I had been searching for without even knowing it. A Big Thunder shirt!


I could not swipe my card fast enough for this purchase. I sent a picture to Ian and he was VERY jealous. I also had a funny conversation with the CM who helped me make my purchase. I had just witnessed another guest ask where "giant golf ball was" in this park and we had a good laugh over it. She told me about her friend who works security, and how earlier that week a guest refused to go through security because he had "just done so at TSA at the airport" :hilarious:

Now, time to cool down!


I was excited to be front row for one reason: to obtain a photo I had been hoping to snap


YAY! I love this perspective. This photo gives me all the Disney feels.

I was wet, but it was worth it. And YES I donned my Pricey Poncho TM, but I had a long night ahead of me LOL


After exiting Splash, it was time to check in! I made way for the Villains After Hours check in located across from Pirates.



Wristband obtained, it was time for a classic that I had not visited in quite awhile.

To be continued...


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Day 3 continued...

What much loved but non frequented (by me as of late) attraction was I headed to?


Tiki Room! I used to drive my siblings crazy playing this song over and over on a Disney Classics CD because it made me happy and reminded me of WDW when I was little!

It also served as a nice break from the heat and it was nice to just sit for awhile.


And yes, I did sing along 😂

I had one more FP before I took a dinner break pre-After Hours. Space Mountain! This was another must right before the Villains event because I wanted to closely compare the overlay/effects that would be added.

Stopped for a Photopass of a selfie first LOL


As I entered Tomorrowland, I realized a was just a bit early. Not to worry, I know where to keep cool



After a great time on Carousel of Progress, it was time for my Space FP.


The FP line took... FOREVER. The clock kept ticking and my ADR was approaching and I was doing a silent debate with myself about whether or not to get out of line. I finally made it through and upon exiting did the fastest speed walk of my life to arrive at Tony's only 3 minutes late... DRENCHED in sweat. Wow. I cannot explain to y'all the level of soaked I was. I was pretty embarrassed honestly LOL

Sweatiness aside, it was time to eat and relax before my late night began


I had a HUGE table to myself, which made me feel bad but I didn't chose it!


I TRIED not to eat too much bread, but if I am being honest with you guys ... I requested more after this. I wanted it to sop up the sauce of this!!


Yum! Sometimes a simple hearty pasta dish just hits the spot. I took my time, and watched the crowds flowing out of the park after HEA. I paid, thanks again work, and headed out to start the Villains After Hours!

To be continued..


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Day 3 continued...

It was SO NICE to see the crowds streaming OUT of the park. I was full and rested and ready to take on the After Hours event. Where to start first?

Mine Train!


Back in February when Ian and I did our un-themed After Hours event, we did not get to 7DMT! The line started out too long, and then was down nearly the entire time.

Not tonight!


Can you tell that I enjoyed myself? 😂 I love this ride in the dark!

When I exited, there was an ice cream location set up so I decided now was the time for "free" treats!


I stashed the water in my backpack for later, it was still HOT, and started munching away while heading for the Villains themed Space Mountain.

THIS. WAS. AWESOME. Gosh, having all of the lights on and the fun music playing really made it WOW. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. The line was the longest one I was in all night at around 20 minutes or so, but it was totally worth it. I was also glad that I had committed to staying in line to ride earlier so I could REALLY compare.

I then headed out to the hub to enjoy some of the devilish entertainment. The crowd was very sparse which felt ODD to be watching a show in front of the castle with so few people.




Hercules is one of my FAVORITES and so seeing the focus on Meg and Hades was fantastic!


The Jafar scene!

I made sure to get a photo to remember this fun show


I grabbed some more snacks, to cool myself down, and headed for some more thrills!


To be continued...


Here we go, day two continued...

When I last left you, I was EE bound to finally use my FP. The FP line was a bit backed up due to all the closures for the past couple of hours, but in no time I was boarding one of my favorite rides.

View attachment 392500

And catching a rainbow while I was at it!

View attachment 392501

I had a GREAT ride, and by the time I was off, the single rider line was back open! I had some time to kill before my FOP FP, so I took another two spins up and down and backwards through Everest.

I had to laugh when I saw my last photo, because my seatmate obviously was having fun with the camera as well LOL

View attachment 392502

Finally it was time to head over for FOP, basically the entire reason I braved the rain. I love taking in the details of the land in Pandora

View attachment 392503

View attachment 392504

It was my fastest trek through the FP line ever!! Benefit of being a single rider - I probably had another 15 minutes to wait where I was in the loading zone, but they needed a single rider. PICK ME! The ride was fun and thrilling as always.

View attachment 392505

Time to head out of the park and back to my TRUE home and @Tuvalu you can pick back up here because you can guess where I was headed...

View attachment 392506

Ah, home sweet MK. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MK at night. Where to first?

View attachment 392508

Time to vent. So, on my last trip I did not take many photos on rides or during shows because it was Ian's first time and honestly I just wanted to take in his reactions and soak in his newbie wonder and amazement. On this solo trip, I was excited to get some photos I usually do not get when traveling with others. On rides, I am always respectful - flash and sound always off, not allowing my phone to obstruct any views.... yet I still was mocked and made fun of by a couple in probably their 40s-50s riding behind me with their young daughter. (Saying things loudly to each other like "DOES SHE REALLY NEED A PHOTO OF EVERYTHING GET A LIFE") Never mind the fact that they were comparing IASW WDW version to the DL version loudly the whole time. It just made me feel really sad because I was going out of my way not to ruin the experience for anyone, but just wanted to get my own enjoyment out of it as well. Ugh, it makes me sort of upset again writing it out because I almost cried and didn't feel very comfortable sticking up for myself.


View attachment 392509

After I quickly exited to avoid the mean couple, I was able to see a bit of HEA.

View attachment 392510

To be continued...
Just remember that you can’t fix stupid


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Sorry that this report is taking FOREVER! I am in the midst of wedding planning, and ALSO just had my second interview for a position I want SO BADLY so.. good vibes and thoughts toward that would be much appreciated. Hoping to hear sometime this week!

This end of report is short so here we go:

Day 3 continued..

After the Villains castle show and my snacks, I made my way over to Splash!


So maybe I was getting a TOUCH sleepy LOL

As I exited the ride, I heard the (delayed) start of Maleficent making way through the park. I ran to get a mediocre at best photo but it was awesome in person!


After watching, I realized that I was EXHAUSTED. I had the last day of the conference the next morning and then flying home to THEN quickly sleep for a few hours and fly to Colorado for my sister's wedding. It was time to call it quits.


I had a lot of fun watching and interacting with the Villains at the train station. Gaston in particular was messing with me - saying "LADY. PLEASE. GO. HOME" 😂



And that was that! I really enjoyed the Villains After Hours event. It was a great quiet night in the park with a fun added bonus of unique shows. I know people were not happy with the lack of character meets, but the interactions prior to exiting the park were super in my opinion.

I trudged to the bus and hardly remember making it to All Star Movies and bed. The conference and flight the next day were PAINFUL, but my sister's wedding was a blast!!!

the bride!

my younger brother, sister, and new brother in law!

and our turn will be here in a little over 2 months!!!

Thank you for bearing with me here. I left this trip feeling really sad because I had no idea when my next trip would be.. until my future sister-in-law (the wife of Ian's TWIN brother) asked if we wanted to take her 3 year old son to Disney together for his first trip in February! OBVIOUSLY. Shall I do a pre-trip report? I will need the advice of my WDWMagic-ers on taking a child because I HAVE NO IDEA haha

See ya real soon!


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Great TR & lovely wedding photos!! Everyone looks beautiful!! I wish you all the best with yours!! I don't have kids of my own but have traveled to WDW with kids more often than not so if you have any questions feel free to ask!!


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Fingers crossed for the new job 😃. And of course we want to hear about the planning and trip with your nephew 😉

And as others have said - lovely photos from your sister’s wedding.
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