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Trip Report Am I sweating, or am I still wet from the rain? Solo June 2019!


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I'm baaaaaaaaack!

I had so much fun writing my first report, that I have returned to write ANOTHER. I had these big plans of writing this DIRECTLY after my trip, but then I had my sister's wedding, work travel, etc. Actually - at the moment I am sitting in a beautiful church in the Bronx for a conference for medically underserved communities. There are lots of sessions I am not a part of, so I figured why not start my report now?!

When: June 18-21, 2019
Where: All Star Movies
Why: I never need a reason why BUT I did have a short conference this week. I typically extend this conference a little longer than needed ;) but I flew home from MCO on Friday the 21, and flew out to Colorado for my sister's wedding the very next morning!!
Who: ME! Solo! I have taken my mom or friends along for the ride for conferences in the past, but this year was a solo adventure


Let's do this thing!

Day 1: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

It's Disney day! There are not typically any straight flights to MCO from Portland Maine, so I booked a flight out of Boston for 6 AM. Which meant that I had planned to leave around 2 AM. Luckily, I woke up mid slumber to a text saying my flight had been delayed two hours. Okay.. at least I can sleep longer? I hit the road around 4 and made it to Logan in decent time. I feel very bougie when I travel for work, because I park in the central parking deck for almost $40 a day 😂

Security was pretty painless, and I joined a large crowd at my gate. Apparently not everyone had received the delayed flight text, as it seemed as though many Disney bound families had been at the gate for quite some time. Spoiler alert: our wait was not over. I think our flight ended up leaving just before 10 AM.. YIKES. Luckily, I was able to switch around some things re: FPs and ADRs but I'm sure not everyone was that lucky. That was a 4 hour delay!

I think I would have been a bit more upset if I was traveling on my own dime LOL. Apparently our flight was stuck in Denver, and was the only plane of size available for us. Hopefully the struggle in Denver wouldn't last for my wedding related travels later in the week!

(my "happy for a window seat" but also "wishing I was already at Disney" face)

The flight was pretty uneventful, and soon we were landing! I decided to take an Uber to HS to make my FPs (and because I wasn't paying) and was glad my bags were tagged to be brought to my room at ASM.

When I stepped out of the terminal I nearly choked on the humidity. New England girl - you aren't in Maine anymore!!

It was overcast with some sun spots my entire Uber ride....... UNTIL we pulled up at Hollywood Studios and the skies unleashed. My driver was nice enough to give me a moment to don my coat and dig out my umbrella before I got out of the car. I was ready to brave the storm for my RNRC FP!


I was absolutely DRENCHED by the time I got in line. Drenched to the very core of my soul. Oh well.. a fast ride might dry me off!


After my ride in the super stretch, I found myself in a wildly chaotic dump shop. Apparently the rain had NOT let up. I decided to browse some items to kill a little time.

(I really felt I NEEDED this, but my friends and family disagreed!)

Then I did something that pained me GREATLY. The storm that soaked me proved that my rain jacket was NOT effective. This cute color block coat from Amazon was no match for the raging storm. In my checked luggage at MCO/my hotel sat my TWO ponchos. Did I have any with me? WHY WOULD I? THAT WOULD ONLY MAKE SENSE!! So.. I spent the $10 +tax on a Disney TM poncho. I don't actually regret this. Making silly purchases is less painful when most of your other expenses are covered by work LOL

I mostly made this purchase so that I could make my way to TSL for my next FP. But first.. I needed a snack!



I slowly made my way back to TSL, taking in the sights as I went along as the rain slowed a bit.



I made it! Thanks Pricey Poncho!!


My FP was for TSMM, which can you believe it.. I WON! Lol.. solo trip jokes


To be continued...
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Looking forward to this!! :)


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Day 1 continued...

When I last left you, I had triumphantly beat myself at TSMM

I had a ball! (crickets...)

Two minutes of walking around in the damp humidity and I was ready for a show. When we came in February for our engagement trip, Little Mermaid did not make the cut. I decided it would be a nice way to relax.


I enjoyed the show apart from the water effects because well.. the entire outside world was a giant water effect right now 😂

Onward and upward!


I took this picture as a reminder that I did Muppets, but after taking it I realized it was down temporarily 😥 I will return!

I decided to meet some friends before my lupper (lunch/supper). In the past, I have struggled with character meets solo. I am getting better at just going for it and having fun.

I started with Chip and Dale!


They were so fun! They took turns fawning over my engagement ring. I don't blame them, it's beautiful! Lucky gal right here.

Up next: warm hugs with Olaf


He thought that my (fake) pearl drop earrings looked like him and was worried they would melt. I tried to reassure him that there was no risk of puddles involved 😂

By the time I finished making new friends, it was time to eat!


And where was I headed for my first Single Pringle meal?


Prime Time! I had not been since 2017, so I was excited to return. I checked in and grabbed a seat in the lounge. Hidden Mickey found!


Pretty quickly I was seated! I knew that as a solo diner I wouldn't get a TV table, but I didn't mind! I immediately ordered a PB&J shake yummmmmm


I also knew coming into it that I wouldn't really receive any antics by myself, but it was fun to watch the interactions around the restaurant!

I was really here for a sampling of mom's favorite recipes anyway


There goes my mouth watering again. I just received a boring boxed lunch at the conference I am at currently and MAN do I wish it looked more like the meal above LOL

To be continued...


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I tried talking my husband into a conference for an organization he belongs to that was being held at WDW but it didn't work. He said his company was too cheap and would never approve the expense since it wouldn't be their idea :)


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Count me in!
Yay, welcome! :)
Welcome back 👍
I tried talking my husband into a conference for an organization he belongs to that was being held at WDW but it didn't work. He said his company was too cheap and would never approve the expense since it wouldn't be their idea :)
It took me AWHILE to get my job to pay for this, in particular because we are a college! But it's turned out to be worth it for them (THANK GOODNESS!!) :)
Good job on your TSMM win 😉
It was a close call, but somehow I prevailed 😂


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Day one continued...

I finished my meal and made my way out to free up the table for others. I did spend some time answering work emails in the lounge, as the pounding rain had returned.

Once it lightened up a bit, I made my way to see if I could be selected as the Rebel Spy!


No such luck! I was really killing time at this point - I had a 6 PM FP for TOT that I was not willing to give up. I decided to wait in a 30 minute queue for America's Favorite Couple



I have to say that the CM attendants at almost every character meet were so kind to me. I think it might be because I went out of my way to be overly gracious and nice to them (as is my nature as a former member of the service industry). It helped to make it less awkward for me when the CMs were chatting with me beforehand.

Having accomplished my mission, it was finally time for ToT!



The line was INSANE as Tower had been down for most of the day. The rain was coming down hard as I approached the lobby and I was VERY happy to be under cover.

This was one of the most fun ToT rides I've ever done. I had a young man about my age next to me who was differently-abled. He was talking to me about how he had not been on the ride since he was very young and didn't remember any of it and was SO EXCITED and nervous. He made the ride for me. I dared him to put his hands in the air with me when it dropped and he did! We were both laughing and screaming and having a blast. I am smiling even now as I type this.

After my fun adventure with my new friend, it was time to make my way out of HS. I had planned to take a boat over to Epcot to ride SSE before going to MK to see HEA. I wanted this quick visit to Epcot because I had no day planned during my short stay to visit the park. Well, the storms changed my boat plans - oh well. Time to head to the buses. I admired the Skyliner on my way


The wait seemed to take FOREVER in the rain and humidity, but eventually an Epcot bus pulled up. I think half the line cheered! I was so happy to get on the bus and sit, but a young family with 3 little girls came on the bus and there were only two seats next to me. I gave up my seat for the girls and their parents were grateful. As the bus announced that we were headed for Epcot, one little girl exclaimed "NO MOMMY PLEASE DONT MAKE US GO TO EPCOT IT'S THE WORST"

LOL :hilarious: It made me giggle because my siblings and I were SO intrigued by Epcot when we were little. Different strokes, right?


Ah, I'm back!

I went for a spin through time


HAHAH so sweaty and wet and shiny

As I went to exit, I heard the rain coming down HARD. I really wanted to get to MK to see HEA and it was 8:15, so I donned my Pricey Poncho and made my way to the monorail. Not before capturing a rainbow though!



Proof I really was at Epcot, even if it was for less than an hour!

To be continued...


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Following along! I was at HS that same day, but left before the rain even started. ToT, RnR, and slinky were all down at the same time at one point. With the storms rolling in it seemed like a great time to leave! Glad you had fun! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip!
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