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All Things Streaming (VOD, OTT)

Princess Leia

Well-Known Member
So, I finally started using my Prime account for films and tv over the past few months (need to make that price hike worth it for me). I’ve heard good things about a couple original series, but in the age of peak TV, there are just too many shows to watch.

Netflix is the same for me- it’s almost stimulation overload now.

Princess Leia

Well-Known Member
Eventually, there are going to be too many streaming services, and some of these are going to crash and burn (sorry Smithsonian).

I currently use 2- Netflix and Prime. I’m probably going to get HBO Now for the year, and then cancel it for Disney+ next year.

Netflix isn’t going away anytime soon. Hulu is thriving by taking the programs that were once on Netflix, as well as being cheaper (though with added commercials). HBO Now & Disney+ will both be fine.

Which brings us to Smithsonian, CBS, and Warner Brothers (and the old film one that I’m blanking on)- these ones are a little more niche. And who knows if they’ll succeed in the long run.
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